Which BMX and Jr. Bikes are Right for Me?

Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy flipping, grinding, jumping and riding BMX bikes and Jr. bikes. Durable, lightweight, and with smaller wheels that make them extremely maneuverable, BMX bikes are like the rally cars of the cycling world. In addition to dirt racing, BMX bikes are great for cycling on the street, in the park, up hills, and on flat land.

BMX bikes are also the bike of choice for many freestyle and trick riders. When choosing a BMX bike, you’ll want to think about how much you’re willing to spend and what kind of cycling the bike will be used for primarily. Whether you’re looking to learn some new tricks on a half-pipe, tear around a dirt track, or just get yourself from point A to point B, here are a couple BMX bikes worth considering.

Haro 400.1 Jump Bike – Platinum 21” TT

The Haro 400.1 is a versatile BMX bike that’s ideal for riding on trails, streets and high in the air over ramps and skateparks. The bike features removable brake mounts, a five-tube chromoly frame, Odyssey Aitken tires, and Haro “recycled” plastic pedals. Along with its versatility, another of the Haro 400.1’s best features is its light weight.

Diamondback Session AM 20” Jump Bike

Diamondback’s Session AM is an affordable bike intended for dedicated BMX riders. The Session AM has a chromoly frame, three-piece chromoly cranks, and Tektro brakes. Durable and lightweight, this 20-inch Diamondback is ideal for riding in any environment, be it dirt, street, vert or trails.

About Jr. Bikes

Jr. bikes are bikes designed for smaller kids, who may or may not be done with training wheels yet. Jr. bikes are typically even smaller than BMX bikes, weigh less, and are designed to be uncomplicated and easy to ride.

Electra Mini Rod Kids 1 16” Boys Bike

The Electra Mini Rod is a boy’s Jr. bike with a 16-inch hi-ten steel frame. It has coaster brakes, no gears, resin pedals, and an Electra Kids Comfort saddle. This is a great cruiser style bike for boys age 7 and under who are just getting into cycling for the first time.

Diamondback Mini Della Cruz 16” Jr. Bike

The Diamondback Mini Della Cruz is one for the girls. It’s a kid-sized pink cruiser with a sturdy steel frame and a comfortable double spring saddle. It has white tires, blue rims, stylish pink fenders, and comes equipped with training wheels. The Mini Della Cruz is the ideal bike for growing girls getting ready to drop the training wheels and experience life on two wheels.

If these BMX and Jr. Bike options don’t work for you, check out our BMX/Jr. Bike Finder to answer easy questions and find the right one.

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