What’s Hot in Climbing with Expert Tonya Bray


We interviewed expert Tonya Bray, the woman behind the scenes who selects top climbing gear for our stores. She knows about new gear from our favorite brands before it ever hits the shelves and has an eye for those things that will enhance your adventure. Here’s what’s hot in climbing, new in stores this week!



What’s new in climbing gear?
The newest, hottest product at the moment is the Black Diamond Magentron GridLock Carabiner.

How is it different?
The Magnetron carabiners use magnets instead of a screw lock or twist lock closure for belay use. The Magnetron technology is auto-locking. We’ve seen that before, however, the magnets are completely new. The idea is single-handed operation, lighter weight and less room for user error.

How will it change things?
This carabiner may not change the way we climb, so much as jump-start innovation in climbing product research and development. There are plenty of incremental changes in climbing equipment from year to year mostly in the form of materials and construction of the same materials. We want lighter, we want stronger, we want safer. This comes one milligram at a time. The Magnetron brings a completely new way of looking at protection, and it’s exciting to consider what lies ahead in innovation.

What do you love about it?
I love the ease of use of the Magentron. The light weight. The look.

Who should use it?
Climbers, mountaineers…

Anyone famous using it now?
Black Diamond athletes!

Where and when can we get it?
It is now available in stores and online!

Does it pair best with another product?
Black Diamond ATC-XP belay device.

Magnetron Technology: The reinvention of the auto-locking carabiner, coming July 2012 from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

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