What’s the Deal with Fitness Devices?

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Every year we hear about the newest fitness accessory on the market that is meant to improve performance, assist in helping athletes reach their goals, and monitor overall health. There are countless electronic devices available for sale, but with so many options, how do you know which will be the most effective for you? We’ve broken down a few of the best fitness gear options to help you get fit and conquer your goals in 2014.

Do you want to take more steps or monitor your heart rate?


Mio Drive


Heart rate monitors are essential, but sometimes the chest strap can be cumbersome to take on and off. If you want the same functionality of a heart rate monitor without the extra step, try Mio Drive. Mio is the world’s first watch to take an ECG accurate heart rate without the strap. If you want to make your workout count, get your heart rate up and burn calories, this one is for you.

Want to optimize your calorie burn?


New Balance LIFETRNr Calorie Monitor

New Balance Monitor

If you are a calorie tracker and want to ensure the energy you take in versus the calories burned are on-point each day, the New Balance LIFETRNr Calorie Monitor is for you. The device uses a 24-hour cased calorie burn formula based on metabolic rate, exercise and heart rate to provide you with total estimated calorie burn. The monitor also features a 7-day memory to compare your energy expenditure for a week at a time.

Is your goal to maintain a certain level of activity day in and out?


Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner

Looking for that extra push to take your running to the next level? The touchscreen Forerunner 620 GPS running watch adds feedback on running form by showing your cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation, or degree of bounce. The built-in accelerometer tracks distance for your indoor track or treadmill workouts, with no need for a foot pod. You can also pair it with free training plans from Garmin Connect for real-time coaching.

FitBit Zip Wireless Sports Tracker


The Fitbit Zip Wireless Sports Tracker has everything you need to optimize your workout in one compact, durable device. Create a special profile to track your sleep patterns, steps and calories burned to hold yourself accountable. If you slow down at any point during your day, the Fitbit will let you know and keep you informed when it’s time to get moving again.

Need to get your head in the game?


X1 Surge Mini In-Ear Headphones

X1 Surge Earplugs

Most athletes have the dreaded common issue of their headphones burning out mid-workout or while they’re out on the slopes in the cold weather. To stay motivated with your favorite workout playlist, the X1 Surge Mini In-Ear Headphones are a great way to enhance athletic performance in any sport or climate. Don’t worry about water damage here – these headphones are waterproof.

Want to capture your experiences when you’re in action?


GoPro Hero 3


Calling all adventurists and thrill-seekers! If underwater diving, downhill mountain biking or racing down ski slopes is your thing, the GoPro Hero 3 will be the best device for capturing every move. The Hero 3 is about 20 percent smaller and lighter than previous models, making it easy to mount or wear. It’s also got an extended battery life that lasts 25 percent longer so you don’t have to worry about recharging as often. Share the memories of your adventure with your friends and get the most out of every action shot you take.

Sport Chalet

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