Top 5 Running Apps for Your Smartphone

It wasn’t even 15 years ago when apps were nothing more than restaurant slang for appetizers. These apps can make you a more efficient and informed athlete whether you’re putting in track or road work for a variety of sports training needs. To aid in your fitness, calorie tracking, and to allow you the freedom of exploration without feeling like you could easily get lost while on a run in a new environment, consider these top five running companion applications for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Run Keeper Pro App

Run Keeper Pro is considered the elite running companion app that is available for both iPhone and Android. This program offers a slice of everything to the fitness runner or the competitive runner including caloric output, distance pace and speed. Run Keeper Pro can be applied to a variety of activities: running, cycling, skiing and more. The app is easy to use, and with the Pro version, the Run Keeper site is available as a database and public display. There is a free version of Run Keeper that will introduce you to the apps features. Run Keeper Pro costs $9.99 to load the full version.

Map My Run App

Often referred to as iMap My Run, or just Map My Run, this affordable app will allow for many premium features without incurring a cost. Monitor calories, pace and enjoy GPS tracking capability using Google Maps. Map My Run+ is also available at a cost of $4.99, yet for the individual who is just embarking on a runner’s lifestyle, the free version is quite sufficient.

Ghost Race App

When you serve as your own greatest rival, who else to race against but yourself? Ghost Race is an excellent tracking app, offering route tracking and calorie tracking, while monitoring speed and pace. The best part is that it then takes past runs and allows you to compete against yourself on present ones. Simply run the same “course” whether on the track or on the road and enjoy a competitive push from your greatest rival – yourself. This fun app is only $0.99.

Interval Run App

This popular app is for sprinters and other athletes who enjoy getting in a variety of running work. For $1.99, you get an app with a variety of programs that offers a voice recording that tells you what to do, and when to do it. For those from track or cross-country backgrounds, this app is pretty fun, and reminiscent of the varied road/track work that you’d get daily from a coach.

Ultra Timer App

For runners, coaches, cross-trainers, sprinters, marathoners and more: Ultra Timer is your all-in-one digital timer that will allow you to apply various training programs to the timing capability. Whether it’s interval training, endurance training or speed work, this app offers a consistent standard. And at $1.99, it’s well worth the price.

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