Three Benefits of Compression Clothing Technology Every Athlete Should Know About

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2xuOur experts are dedicated to discovering, testing and sharing the outcome of the hottest sports and health technology for our athletes’ optimal performance and fitness results. The combination of unique fiber and innovative construction in compression clothing provides real benefits backed by scientific data. It is a vital health tool highly utilized by professional athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts alike. Every athlete, regardless of level, can now reap the benefits of better performance and recovery at astonishing rates. Here are three major benefits of compression clothing you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Intensify Training on Targeted Muscles

Compression garments give muscles the stability needed to intensify a work out. It also helps the body circulate blood. A 2007 study in the Journal of Sports Science proves wearing compression clothing during a workout reduces muscle soreness and a study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology shows enhanced lactate removal.

How you target each muscle depends on the gear you choose.  There are options ranging from a body suit covering multiple muscles, to sleeves targeting just the arms or legs.

Compression allows you to push yourself harder. It can reduce soreness and stiffness during and after an intense workout because it is keeping your muscles stable while maintaining good circulation.

Goodbye muscle aches!

2. Stay Energized Longer

The right pressure during an intense activity can increase venous return and oxygenation to hard working muscles. The increase in blood flow works to keep muscles warm preventing strain and fatigue. The benefit? Compression can potentially increase your endurance for a longer work out. Here’s how it turns you into the Energizer Bunny.

The pressure applied gives hard-working muscles much-needed support and warmth, so they can rebuild and recover more quickly. Compression shorts, specifically, have paneling that adds higher degrees of pressure to the thigh and hamstring, giving those muscles top support.

3. Keeps Everything in Place for Agile Athletes

Compression gear can also provide athletes with the coverage and support their regular workout gear isn’t giving them. Many professional athletes use compression pieces to keep undergarments – like jockstraps, in place. Female tennis players wear them under skirts to prevent embarrassing flashing and to hold tennis balls. Athletes in sports like baseball and softball use them for the added padding at the hips, which protects against injuries from sliding.

In summary, it’s a great accessory that can protect you from slides, and errr, slips.

What to Look For in Compression Clothing

When looking into compression clothing first consider what you want to accomplish using it. Which muscles are you targeting? Are you increasing performance while preventing an injury, or protecting an injury? There are head-to-toe options for several types of sports and activities and items that will help optimize and support your particular workout. Here’s a good place to start.

Base layers like Under Armour Coldgear and Nike Hyperwarm are meant to maximize, while brands like 2XU, which also guard against shin splints, are used specifically for injuries.

Added bonus: Dry fit fabric wicks sweat, preventing chafing and rashes.


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