The Best Winter Running Tips from Top Bloggers & Our Community


Staying motivated to run is a challenge for all of us when temperatures dip and the holidays roll around. Maintaining your routine year-round may seem out of the question, but come springtime you’ll be glad you got out there and stayed in the game. We scoured the web for the best advice to get you off on the right foot this winter. Here’s what top bloggers and the Sport Chalet community had to say.

Winter Running Tips from Top Bloggers

“Dress for 10 degrees warmer than the weather is supposed to be—your body will warm up and generate heat! Make sure you dress in layers and that your clothing is specifically designed for cold weather running. It will ensure that your clothing will dry quickly from sweat, breathe, and be vented all while keeping you warm.”
~Skinny Runner

“For extremely cold weather, use petroleum jelly on your eyelashes to prevent your eyes from freezing shut. Also, start into the wind and finish the run with the wind at your back.”
~Complete Running

“Protect your hands! Be sure to wear moisture-wicking gloves on your winter run. Wearing snug-fitting gloves topped with weatherproof mittens works well. The double-layer insulation keeps your hands quite toasty.”
~Runner Dude’s Blog

“Stay low, shorten your running stride, and keep your feet lower to the ground. You will run more efficiently and reduce the risk of slipping, falling, or straining muscles. When running on snow, choose the fresh snow over ice or packed snow. You will get better traction on fresh snow and reduce the chance for slipping.”
~Jenny Hadfield

Winter Running Tips From Our Community

“Since about 40% of your body heat is lost through your head, wear a simple beanie to protect your head and ears.”

“Layer, especially upper body. Long sleeves keep hands warm when running as well. I have a running hoodie that has thumbholes that helps keep my hands warm.”

“Cover your shoes when running in the rain. If your feet get wet when working out, it can cause blisters. I use the same rain covers that I use for my cycling shoes.”

“I did a mud run and put body glide where I would blister on my feet. I did it one time when I ran in the rain. No blisters!”

“Be visible! Since it gets darker earlier in the winter, using knuckle lights (or another form of lighting) is smart.”

Sport Chalet carries some amazing gear for running during the winter, including these items mentioned in the tips:

No matter what you wear, the key is to stay motivated to get out there and pound the pavement even on the nastiest, coldest days. Cheers to all you hardcore runners who stick to it this winter! (Not to mention the holidays!)

What are your cold weather running tips?

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