Stealth Saltwater Secrets for Nighttime Fishing at Newport Harbor

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There are two types of night fishing we rarely see here in southern California. But if you dare to try them, you may find some of the most spectacular angling anywhere in the Golden State!

Grab your float tube, waders, and fins and head to Newport Harbor. First as a safety precaution, and next as a practical tool, wear a Panther Vision Power Cap. A lot of the inshore coastal species can be found in Newport Harbor in the evening. Spotted bay, sand, and calico bass are prime targets for tubers fishing soft plastic lures. There is also a chance for halibut, spot fin and yellowfin crocker, big bat rays, and maybe even shark.

You need to have both hands free when tubing Newport Bay. There are lots of docks, pilings, moorings, and other obstructions. You will not want to be holding a flashlight in one hand while wrestling with unhooking your lure from a wooden piling with your single, other hand.

Likewise, tying good knots and hooks and lures in the dark is absolutely a two-handed project. The Power Cap with its strong, directed light beam provides a lot of illumination for knot-tying at night. This Cap is crucial for un-hooking fish in total darkness.

The Power Cap is also good to turn on when you see another boat approaching in the dark. The Cap becomes a crucial safety beacon, signaling your presence to an oncoming boat. Remember: in your float tube you are practically invisible with no motor noise and no traditional running lights.

Another stealth-like application for the Power Cap is wearing it to walk the beach on a night time surf fishing trip. The Cap allows you to rig your gear, tie hooks, select lures, and put on the bait using both hands. Too many times I have seen frustrated surf anglers, walking around with a penlight size flash light tucked between their teeth as they try to direct a beam of light to their gear. The Power Cap not only gives off a long, projected beam of light, but also has a fairly long battery life that will last for many night expeditions.

The Power Cap is a highly dependable, and highly affordable, piece of equipment you need to include in your night bite arsenal! Sport Chalet stores throughout southern California now keep the Power Caps in stock on a year round basis. Keep in mind that this unique head gear is also an excellent addition to your disaster preparedness equipment. Keep one Power Cap for your outdoor adventures and another stashed away for emergencies.

Ronnie Kovach

Ronnie is a former freshwater bass guide and has written five bestselling books on the theory and practice of successful angling. His weekly show “Radio Outdoor Expeditions” is in its twentieth year on the Angels Baseball Network. Ronnie’s popular “Fishing Ventures Television” has garnered 14 prestigious Telly Awards and is aired weekly on Fox Sports West. As a current world record holder, Ronnie continues to teach at his Owner Hooks Fishing Schools (established in 1989), and spread a message for planetary stewardship.

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