Sport Chalet Participates in Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Most Successful Events


CAF Tri-Athlon with Terry Briscoe and Danielle Dolloff

In October, we were excited to be a part of a Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) milestone as they celebrated its most successful month in all of their 19 years of operation. The signature events raised nearly $3 million dollars to benefit the foundation.  They “cycled for CAF” at the Dodge Million Dollar Challenge and experienced the “best day in triathlon” at the Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon Challenge, 24 Hour Fitness Tour de Cove and Kaiser Permanente 5K. Each event was filled with palpable energy and radiant smiles. More inspiring than that were the amazing stories from challenged athletes who achieved their goals and dreams in sports from cycling to running.

It was a heartfelt experience for us to see these athletes feeling the love and support from the community. Many of us cycled in the Dodge Million Dollar Challenge and participated in the Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon Challenge. Athletes of all ages, even small children took part in this special day. What an honor it was to ride and run alongside these eager and aspiring athletes young and old.

Our very own expert Terry Briscoe participated in the CAF Tri-Athlon. Here’s what Terry had to say about the experience:

“It was a wonderful experience and it makes me very proud to work for a company that supports such an important cause – one that changes lives! I can’t wait to be there again next year!”

Here are a few special moments from the events that the donors to CAF made possible:

Photo: CAF


Billy Lister, who has paralysis of his left side due to a stroke at age 17, made the Dodge Million Dollar Challenge look like a breeze. He flew through the finish with a grin on his face. No one would have guessed that he just learned how to ride a bike again a year ago at a CAF Paratriathlon camp.


Photo: CAF

Braylin’s family learned about CAF at the Avia Wildflower triathlon. Braylin got to run and play with other young leg amputees just like him at the OSSUR Amputee Running Clinic. Then on Sunday, Braylin joined his new friends in his first Kid’s Run at SDTC.



Photo: CAF


Karlee, Oshlianna, Shayna and Breezy each lost a leg to cancer. The girls started the SDTC weekend as strangers but ended as good friends, running down the path to success in sports, and in life, together.




Photo: CAF



Nick Ekbatani, a former UCLA football player, lost his leg only three months ago in a motorcycle accident. Nick was introduced to fellow UCLA alumna and amputee Scout Bassett at SDTC, who gave him guidance and encouragement. Later, Nick tweeted that he was “reborn” after his injury and that SDTC was the “best weekend of his new life.”




For more information about CAF, or to make a donation, visit our website. If you donate $50 or more to CAF, we’ll send you a $10 Action Pass Reward.

Thank you for your support!

Photo: CAF

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