Sport Chalet & O’Neill Back to School Contest


Make waves when you go back to school with a fresh new wardrobe.

Enter the Sport Chalet & O’Neill caption contest to win a $500 back-to-school shopping spree!

Enter the back to school contest here:

Sport Chalet

We’re experts on a mission to help you excel at all the things you’d rather be out doing. Sport Chalet has 54 retail stores offering the hottest brand name apparel and equipment for beginners to pros.

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Read Comments {289}

  1. MIchael Clark

    Oneil Price CHOMPS sale-Shred Back to school with a bite!

  2. Mark Shelby

    Killer white instincts for B2S shopping!

  3. Ralph Peterson

    Wow – I’ve heard of blow fish, but blow shark? Make sure you swallow the great white!

  4. Nic Larsen

    Be ready when you go back to school, if your wearing anything but O’Neill it will come back to bite you!

  5. Edgar Mercado

    O’Neill Dangerous Deals…

  6. G. Rodriguez

    Take a bite out of spending at Sports Chalet’s BACK TO SCHOOL sale!

  7. Amanda Fields

    (queue Bobby Darin back beat)
    Oh the O’neill Babe, has such teeth, dear
    and she shows them, pearly whites!
    -O’neill, Top of the food chain, since 1952.

  8. David Fieldz

    Wear O’neil back to school this year and throw the Babes into a feeding frenzy!

  9. Lexi

    As a college sophomore, she thought shark bait literally meant…

  10. Lexi

    Pledge week gets more and more dangerous each year.



  12. Minna Greenland

    Be wild and free as a shark with O’Neill’s back to school styles!

  13. Carlos

    O’neil has the right apparel for the Jaw’s (cross out Joys) of life!

  14. Carlos

    O’neil – for the Jaw’s (cross out Joys) of life!

  15. Brian

    F me if I’m wrong but you want to kiss me.

  16. David Lara

    Ha ha, very funny. Okay…you can put my head back.

  17. Rodel Reyes

    Fish are our friends…not food

  18. Cole

    Don’t turn your back on O’Neill back to school prices…. it might come back to bite you in the butt.

  19. Bob Wagner

    Ok, OK, No need to chew my butt off!

  20. Bob Wagner

    Yum! Fossil fuel!

  21. Ralph

    I’ve heard of blowfish, but blow shark? Don’t spit out the great white!

  22. andrea brunson

    Bite me!

  23. Shannon Heafey

    Looking for my homework! I think my shark ate it!

  24. Shannon Heafey

    Shark the other white meat!

  25. jackeline felix

    if only i knew what that shadow in the background was….

  26. Kevin K

    Bee-do Bee-do Back-to-school

  27. Josie Salitrero

    Be fierce! Get back to school in O’Neill.

  28. Chomping at the Bit – who’s chomping who?



  30. j MONROE

    Ahhhhhhhhh! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

  31. Mark Fadem

    I’ll eat anything that will eat me.

  32. Karen

    Get the new aggressive look with O’Neill!

  33. Homer Villegas

    How do you like me now?!!

  34. Nick

    Would you eat a SHARK for some O’Neill clothes! Danielle did because she wants go back to school in style,

  35. Susan

    Take the bite out of back to school!

  36. Valentino

    Wooooah here she comes! Watch out boy…she’ll chew you up! Woaaah here she comes…she’s a shark eater! (In my Hall & Oat’s) voice!

  37. Valentino

    Susie may love shark sushi, but her favorite clothes to wear are O’Neill.

  38. Nina Vaughan

    Love Sports Chalet…best selection anywhere!

  39. Ale Jandro

    Shark Heads, shark heads, rolly polly shark heads. Eat them up, yum! And don’t forget to eat up great savings on O’Neill, only at Sports Chalet.

  40. Samis Butterball

    Jill was shocked and disgusted to find a shark head in her hamburger.

  41. Maisy Duke

    Shelly snacks on sharks by the seashore Sports Chalet….. But she does it looking great in back to school styles from O’Neill.

  42. Joanie

    Its name is “Style!” If you’re hungry for some like she is, help yourself to some extra servings at Sports Chalet!

  43. Rick Pascual

    Free shark heads for all blondes at Sport Chalet.

  44. Rick Pascual

    Sport Chalet has Great White Savings on O’Neill Products!

  45. Ron Collins


  46. Ralph

    I’ve hear of blowfish, but blow shark? Don’t spit out the great white!

  47. Cynthia Shortreed

    Reverse psychology — Take a bite out of O’Neill inventory at Sports Chalet!

  48. Richard Diaz

    Playing with Sharks makes me go “Rawrrrrrrrrrr!”

  49. chris escsrcega

    Don’t be a fish out of water! O’neill

  50. Marty G

    Dude , No one turns there back on me

  51. Juan Gonzalez

    Girls exclaims ” I’m tired of being vegen!

  52. Rob Nathan

    Bring out your Inner Shark, with fashions from O’Neill

  53. Lorenzo Brunyer

    It’s usually the other way around…

  54. Paul Brown

    Uhh Ohhh, Land Shark!

  55. Adam Bertolet

    have no fear
    Shark Sandwich!
    is here

  56. Tony

    They say dogs resemble their owners…

  57. Tony

    competitive eating… I don’t know if I can take another bite…

  58. Kim brassett

    Hold on , let me put on my poker face.

  59. Tony

    These clothes look sharp… right?

  60. Tony

    Do these teeth make me look fat?

  61. Tony

    You can tell me the truth… how do they look?

  62. Jason Shatto

    I got a shark tail for you

  63. Doug B.

    Don’t fight the hand that feeds you.

  64. AJB

    Love at first bite.

  65. Jason brassett

    Boy it feels good to get my dating face off so I can be myself.

  66. Damon premer

    Head to O’Neill for the sharpest styles!

  67. judi

    Be Brave! Bite back with O’Neill.

  68. Damon premer

    Summers over, but the funs just begun

  69. Damon premer

    Sharper than we look!

  70. Ryan Robertson

    Holy. Shark! I just saved with O’Neill

  71. Luke Martin


  72. Phuoc Gia Vuong


  73. Andrea

    You like how this feels? It’s not so nice to be the one chased by a mouthful of teeth, now, is it?!

  74. S MONROE

    Beware of Shark”S”!

  75. Briana Garcia

    Don’t bother me, I’m eating.

  76. Rimon


  77. Fernando

    I’ll show you!!!

  78. Sharon Patelzick

    Ride the tides early, and go back to school in mouthwatering O’Neill style.

  79. mark

    have too many holes in your favorite t-shirt? sink your teeth into o’neill’s new fall styles

  80. william salcido

    Sink in your teeth and take a bite out of O’niell

  81. Teresa

    Get your OGRE on !!!

  82. Curtis Duong

    Get O’Neill at the Sport Chalet, and get back to the top of the food chain.

  83. Santiago

    try & bite my style will ya!

  84. Cynthia O'Dell

    He tried to kiss me like this….but the only cool thing about him were his shorts.

  85. Jared Lyon

    Shop O’Neil its a jaw dropping affair!

  86. Jared Lyon

    Is your fashion sense extinct? Bite back with ONeil and turn your gear in time for the new school year!

  87. Natalie Newhart

    Almost as cool of a duet as O’Neill and Back to School shopping.

  88. Allison Wilkin

    “Going back to school bites!”

  89. Denny Stapley

    Watch out for the fashion sharks, Surf back to school in style with O’Neill

  90. Juliana Kronberger

    Sport O’neill and kill the competition

  91. GM

    “Well, this is what I had planned. At least she’s hot.”

  92. GM

    No! My dentist is better!

  93. GM

    Shark Week’s over. Human Week takes over.

  94. Greg Botonis

    Lets see if you like it shark.

  95. robert b

    Little shakin’, little tenderizin’, an’ down you go O’Neil

  96. Rebecca Wilson

    Hunger for the Reef. O’Neill

  97. Bill Gunz

    Like spicy sushi on a summer morning

  98. Brian Whitaker

    In response to the Sharknado phenomenon, Hollywood has started casting for Jaws 5!

  99. George Wright

    Fearless in the water with o’neill !

  100. Trevor Sillyman

    Faster then a shark with O’neill

  101. Here is my caption: “Here’s the schpiel,
    Wear an O’Neill,
    No shark will make you into a meal”.

  102. “Here’s the Schpiel,
    You wear an O’neill,
    No shark will make you into a meal”.

  103. Shannon Heafey

    Do you dare me to eat this shark head?

  104. Bruce jepsen

    “Mega shark O’ Niell phone”

  105. Bruce jepsen

    “Mega shark o phone”

  106. Bren wolfe

    Who’s on top of the food chain now?!?!

  107. A Johnson

    Which one is the Great White?

  108. robert schiff

    sushi on the bone

  109. Rocio Bandin

    Bite back with O’Neil!!

  110. Patrick

    Which man eater would you rather have pursue you? – O’Neill

  111. Dave Johnson

    School bites, but it’s better than one more day home with your sister.

  112. Claire

    The cafeteria food might bite, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to.

  113. Travis Secrest


  114. Linda Lemm

    Just because sometimes school bites it doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to.

  115. yolanda Lockhart

    Take a bite out of life. Shop O’Neil @ Sports Chalet. (gingle) “We’ll take you to the limit”

  116. Debbie

    Be bold – Take risks – Show your adventurous side!

  117. Alfred Ignacio

    Braces retainer swag.

  118. GB

    “You’re going to need a bigger boat!” (from the movie “Jaws”), AND wear O’Neill to school this year!!!

  119. Gordo

    “We have 52 of them, son!”

  120. Gordo

    “O’Neill 52, Sharks 1!”

  121. Rob Nathan

    Jabberjaw finally reveals her true identity.

  122. Shirley Sam

    Take a bite at the top with O’Neill gear, available at your Sport Chalet.

  123. joe davis

    Awesome! I can see through the hole!

  124. Wayne Wu

    And you thought shark week was exciting

  125. Terry

    School is back again if the heat wave would just leave use for a ocean breaz

  126. Jennifer Zarback

    We don’t just swim with sharks, we eat sharks like this for lunch!

  127. Ben G

    Jump the shark this school year with sweet new styles from O’NEILL – on sale now at Sports Chalet.

  128. Fandom Marketing

    Be sure to submit your Caption and Enter the Contest using this link:

  129. Kellen

    Sure could use some new trail running shoes.

  130. Scott

    Better than a six dollar burger!

  131. Cason White

    O’Neill clothing, taking a bite out of normal….This school year you can be the top predator in the sea, or at least be looking fresh and new with the latest styles available from O’Neill! Visit your local Sport Chalet to see the Fall ’13 line-up today or online!

  132. Marc Gonzalez

    O’Neill, two shark bites are not always worse, than just one!!!:)

  133. Scott

    School lunches can be scary!

  134. Connie T.

    Opposites Day.

    O’neill, the clothing that keeps you close to the elements.

  135. Charles

    Don’t shark me O’Neill !! It’s back to school.

  136. Jenny Sekulich

    Ahoy! It’s time to leave the beach and let them teach!

  137. Justin Burl

    When Humans Attack- Next on Human Week only on Shark Discovery Channel

  138. brooke reynolds

    where the prey becomes the predator

  139. Jay Sasaki

    Guess what I have planned after lunch?

  140. Diana McGrath

    Our fish sandwich is so fresh…it’ll taste you back.

  141. Rebeka

    O’Neill girls eat sharks for lunch.

  142. Suzanne Fleishma

    Take the bite outta back to school and shop O’Neill at Sports Chalet.

  143. Darcy Brody

    Get the back to school attack!

  144. YES, A fish sandwhich with teeth. YUMMY !!!!

  145. Mike Luther

    I got him for you Bethany!

  146. This sharks head would so make a great purse

  147. Suzanne Fleishma

    Take a bite outta life! Look sharp with O’Neill!

  148. This year, bite school in the butt!

  149. So I was like “you would totally ruin my outfit” how dare he try and bite me.

  150. Bret Tonkiss

    When Jill ordered a shark sandwhich she forgot to say “Hold the teeth”.

  151. Anthony Smith

    “Careful. She bites.”

  152. I can never seem to find anything that goes with my shark mask.

  153. Cesar Carrion

    Hoops so goood

  154. Fred Flores

    Sharks Beware! Sharkeater on the prowl….

  155. Teresa Walker

    Get the look that bites!

  156. Apodaca

    It doesnt pay to be a bully! Even a bully of the sea! So respect your fellow student and do your picking with O’neil’s newest fashion! O’neil celebrating individuality!

  157. Lance Bagshaw

    open wide ! it’s time to get serious about school

  158. darcey martinez

    She believes in live at first bite

  159. James

    Don’t make your self a meal

  160. David Torres


  161. Dave Johnson

    Tiffany tries her school cafeteria’s new “Jaws” street taco.

  162. angelo hightower

    Be beastin for back to school and feast on these fresh fashions from O’niel.

  163. Mark S

    O’Neill + Sports Chalet = Class-y dressed subject consumer

  164. Rob Nathan

    Shark, the O’Neil Babe does sing….

  165. Mark S

    O’neil + Sports Chalet = Class-y dressed subject consumer

  166. Gloria Birnkrant

    Even the shark is afraid of this blonde!

  167. Mark S

    O’neil + SportsChalet = Class-y dressed subject consumer

  168. Rick Pascual

    Smells like fish, but taste like chicken….

  169. joe holguin

    Pretty girls like sharks too.

  170. Michael Biggins

    “What? What’s happening? I can’t feel my fins!”

  171. C’mon really…? This shark ate your homework?

  172. Lizzette Rivera

    Just what I need :-) I hope I win! Good luck everybody!

  173. Kelsey Monroe Samuelson

    Shark: “I’d rather get attacked by a shark than go back to school!!!”

  174. I was thinking shark week for Halloween this year.

  175. Imuri

    Bite back this season with the hottest back to school styles from O’niel

  176. Angel Preciado

    Don’t be the prey while summer ends, be the predator and take a big juicy bite on back to school sale at Sports Chalet!

  177. Kerri

    Out of the water ….. Schools back in session!

  178. Anselmo Sandoval

    “Get Back here you!!”

  179. Shread Her back to school wardrobe

  180. The much anticipated sequel to Sharknado: “Sharksandwich, when lunch bites back”

  181. Sandy Hocking

    Hook me up!

  182. Jamed C

    Put that SHARP BITE back into your gear with Oneil’s active wear.

  183. MARONDA gonzales

    I hope I win something to give my kids a Christmas gift

  184. David Robertson

    Oneil rocks

  185. Gary G

    Back to School doesn’t bite with O’Neill. You taste like chicken.

  186. Terra Gilman

    Devour back to school with Oneil’s fresh styles at Sport Chalet!

  187. Terra Gian

    Make a wave at your school with Oneil’s new styles so that you can be the the sharpest fish around!

  188. Isaac salas

    Shark bait

  189. Mark Ventura

    Ripple your Wardrobe with O’Neill Clothung this School year!

  190. Jason Donaghy

    I’ve heard of a man eating shark but not a woman eating shark

  191. Terra Gian

    Back to school is always hard, but with Oneil’s new styles at Sport Chalet you can be the sharpest fish in your school!

  192. Hank S

    Mrs. O’Neill always knew how best to get her husband’s attention.

  193. John

    I love a shark tossed salad!

  194. Shelley Thompson

    Oh no it’s Sharknado 3!!!!

  195. Shellie Acosta


  196. Alex G

    I eat little sharks like you for breakfast

  197. Ami

    Ready to FISH at school with O’NEILL!!

  198. Alex G

    I warned him. She bites back

  199. Noni Tafua

    Stand out like a shark in a school of fishes with awesome Megalodon back to school shopping by O’Neill!!!

  200. sabrina marks

    Be the shark in your school of fish! Shop O’Neill for back to school!

  201. Teresa

    Undisputed Queen of the Food Chain.

  202. michelle stablow

    FISHIN FOR NEW FASHION? Take a bite out of boring with new O’Neill styles at Sport Chalet!

  203. Bill Adams

    Mine is bigger than yours!

  204. Toniann

    “Shark Bite Squared-Attack the Values at O’Neill.” or “Shark Bite(2) Attack the Values at O’Neill.”

  205. Alex G

    Ahh Shark Taco

  206. Josh G

    If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face.

  207. Amelia

    I can be powerful like a great white shark!

  208. Patty A

    I am in it to win it with O’Neill’s Back To School Style

  209. Rick Pascual

    Great Blonde Shark

  210. William Moore

    O’Neil Surf Appeal You Should Fear Back To School Is Here

  211. Randy Fuhr

    Attack that “Back to School” shopping list with “Jaw Dropping” O’Neill fashions from your local Sport Chalet experts!

  212. Kirby Chong

    Shark bait or bite;)

  213. Steve Dimond

    1) Nice piece of tail.

    2) Heard of Man Bites Dog, but…..

    3) Sure, she is cute, but do not ask her to dinner.

    4) Got Shark?

  214. Troy R

    Blondes. The true hunters of the sea

  215. Amy W

    Be the Shark!

  216. JD

    “Summertime & the Living is Easy..” The Sharkettes
    or “A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Pier”

  217. Laura S.

    “Ummm this isn’t the tuna sandwich I ordered.”

  218. Jim Beirne

    Maneater and a fish.

  219. Hank S

    At the sight of Cindy’s desperate attempt for fresh air, Frank decided it was time to get that house keeper.

  220. Valentino Herron

    “I love my new Sharkhead blowhorn! Let me see if it works and I can send out a mating call!”

  221. Daniel Poppers

    Don’t anger a woman unless you want to see her put on her other face.

  222. Paul Davis

    Bite back with back to school O’Neill apparel.
    The sharks are heading home! Get your back to school O’Neill gear before its too late!

  223. Kitt

    Sharknado is not a sandwich.

  224. Jonathan Reynoso

    Even sharks fear our back to school specials.

  225. Justin Krumlauf

    Just keep swimming in style with back to school savings.

  226. Kent McLaren

    Sharks? I EAT sharks for breakfast!

  227. Crystal GLAHN

    Attack this school year with a fresh style from O’Neill!

  228. Melissa Louie

    Big bite. Big savings. O’Neill.

  229. kyle forbes

    Only a couple bites left!

  230. Jim Herlehy

    Try our Shark Burger-
    The Burger with BITE!

  231. jim serpa

    They have been around forever, designed perfectly to fit their environment….and sharks have been around a long time too. O’Neill products have all your perfectly designed back to school needs.

  232. Kyle Nowicki

    Make sure you have all the new back to school Oneil , its a shark-eat-shark world

  233. Lorenzo T Learned

    Chommpers cursed the day he allowed the little fat kid to place a “Bite Me” bumpersticker on his dorsal fin!

  234. Peter

    My dad got me shark dentures as a back-to-school present so he won’t need a shotgun to scare off all the boys knocking on the door…

  235. Marie

    Shark Back To School in Style.

  236. Kristin Akrouche

    Bite back with O’Neill!

    O’Neill- Style with a bite!

  237. Meghan Magalogo

    It’s that tide of the year. Go back to school with “Jaws” dropping style.

  238. Frank B.

    Back to school with O’Neill, so you can move up the food chain!

  239. john lewis

    We had a Sharknado in LA and the only thing I got was this shark head sandwich!

  240. Ken Eldridge

    Put me down before you break a tooth!

  241. Juliana Kronberger

    O’Neill Bite to School

  242. simar

    Bite into a new school year with a fresh new wardrobe

  243. William Gunter

    Not so fast! Your at my house now.

  244. Kaizer

    Yummy-O’Neill likes shark fin soup

  245. Brandon Sandoval

    Bite into back to school savings

  246. Andrew R. Jayme

    Sharks, the apex predator of the ocean. O’Neill, the apex predator for your back-to-school shopping.

  247. David Prado

    O’Neill, it’s mind over evolution. School is back!

  248. Kaizer

    yummy- shark fin soup

  249. Cindy Nathan

    My SHARK is much worse than MY bite

  250. Garrett

    O’crap, am I supposed to suck the brains out? Here we go!

  251. Jon pietragallo

    Now I know how all those people felt when I ate them.

  252. Ted Waggoner

    This is the best “PEZ” candy dispenser I’ve ever seen honey, you rock, THANKS!

  253. Lauren Davis

    Take a bite out of school!

  254. Kat Hernandez

    Human attacks on sharks are on the rise, sharks warned of dangerous beach attacks.

  255. Wilfred Garcia

    “Sharks are only cool for a week..O’Neill goes year around”
    “Don’t get bit with uncool fashion…O’Neill”

  256. James Adams

    No teeth? I’ll show you no teeth….

  257. Adrian N.

    Get ready for a new school year by taking a bite out of O’Neill’s new fall fashion line!

  258. Kitt

    Sharknado is not a sandwich!

  259. Morgan engle

    Even jaws has flaws, but o’neal keeps it real for back to school shopping !

  260. Josh Steele

    This is what happened to the last guy that made me angry…you won’t like me when I am angry.

  261. Claudia Smith

    What was the shark’s favorite Pixar movie?: Eating Nemo

  262. zach hazelton

    Time to bite back!

  263. Ron Smith

    Beauty eats the Beast

  264. Tony Capabianco

    Low carb fish taco

  265. Lysa Christopher

    My new chum!

  266. rick lipman

    Bite Back!

  267. Jaclyn Krawczyk

    Shark-eating shark

  268. Rob Nathan


  269. rick lipman

    “Bite Back!”

  270. Chris Beachamp

    Q: What’s the difference between OJ Simpson and the Sharks?
    A: OJ Simpson had a more credible defence…

  271. Tc

    Woman Bites Shark.

  272. Tim R.

    “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Good!”

  273. Al Breton

    “Chomping at the Bits to SAVE on all apparel”

  274. Brad Stuve

    I knew Karma would come back to bite me!

  275. James norris

    ” not so fast on land are you”!

  276. Jeffrey G

    After the nose job, Jessica didn’t feel half as menacing.

  277. Samantha Davis-Friedman

    Take a bite out of back to school shopping!

  278. Jocelyn C.

    What do “Shark Week” and “Back to School” shopping have in common? They’ll both get you hooked…eventually.

  279. s.mitchell

    “Whose the top predator now!?”

  280. jodeen wolff

    Every girl crazy for a shark dressed man!

  281. baylee

    Either you eat the shark or the shark EATS you!

  282. Ash

    I am all ready to “Shark”….back to school

  283. Debbie Shuck

    That’s Jawsome, School Is Back!

  284. Bill

    Let me get my big girl teeth in and I will be ready to go.

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