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Thanks for visiting. The giveaway ended June 24, 2012. Take a look at our winning “rather be” posters and if you like it, show them some love on Pinterest using  the Pin It button above.


Congratulations to our three lucky winners of a $100 Sport Chalet gift card. If you find yourself in the list, watch for an email from Sport Chalet to the email address you used in your comment. We need to collect your mailing address in order to send out your prize. Thank you for helping us celebrate the launch of the “I’d rather be…” blog!

Winner: Brian Korn


Winner: Jennifer Hansen


Winner: Samantha Swerkes


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Official Rules:
Random drawing. Each individual is eligible for up to two entries; one tweet and one comment on this blog post. The tweet must include the full message, #ratherbe hashtag and a link back to this page, using any publishing method to from the individual’s Twitter account. The qualifying blog comment and tweet must be posted during the sweepstakes period. The sweepstakes period begins on June 11, 2012 at 12:00PM PST and ends on June 24, 2012 at 11:59PM PST. Winners will be announced on the blog and notified by email. You must be a U.S. resident with a valid mailing address and email address to qualify. Sport Chalet partners and employees are not eligible to win. Total prize value is $100 per individual. Prizing cannot be traded for cash and is non-transferrable. If a winner cannot be located or fails to claim prize within seven (7) days after notification, the prize will be forfeited and may be awarded to an alternate winner.

Sport Chalet

We’re experts on a mission to help you excel at all the things you’d rather be out doing. Sport Chalet has 54 retail stores offering the hottest brand name apparel and equipment for beginners to pros.

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Read Comments {142}

  1. Jackson

    I’d rate be making memories on the field.

  2. Maria Macias

    I’d rather be kayaking or wave running :)

    • Hi Jason,Glad you’re finding the blog usuefl! Re your questions:Soft tissue work with a foam roller\pvc pipe\tennis ball.Doug McGuff Big 5 good for HIT: Leg press + horizontal\vertical push and pull + isometric core.More posts to come with more details soon.

  3. I’d rather be diving and boogie boarding w/family.

  4. JJ Corral

    I’d rather be making it happen!

  5. KC D

    I’d rather (it) be Tuesday so I could meet Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings’ Captain Dustin Brown at Sports Chalet!!! Go Kings Go!

  6. Jim M.

    I would rather be ziplining upside down and blind folded while having paint balls shot at me.

  7. C B

    I’d rather be active, enjoying life more, and shopping at Sport Chalet, than be a permanent couch potato! Use it or lose it!

  8. Randy Cheek

    I’d rather be driving a golf ball.

  9. justin johnson

    I would rather be playing football

  10. CR Williams

    I would rather be playing my fave sport.

  11. brian

    one of my sons. my childhood was awesome, but as the world evolves, the things kids can do or be exposed to now are better than ever. teams, equipment, training, gear – like a whole different world from 1983. :)

  12. I’d rather be fishing.

  13. Ed

    I’d rather be doing wacky jacks!!!P90X all day!!

  14. Toan Nguyen

    I’d rather be playing baseball and softball with my friends.

  15. Ryan

    i’d rather be teaching my boys to snowboard with my wife

  16. Atlanta Nguyen

    I’d rather be GREAT!

  17. Amir Obeid

    I’d Rather Be Swimming!!! =)


    I’d rather be biking with friends

  19. John

    I’d rather be shootin’ “threes” on the hardcourt w/ my buddies.

  20. John Goddard

    I’d rather be Kayaking down the American River.

  21. Nolan Rugg

    I’d rather be scoring touchdowns.

  22. Jessica Xu

    I’d rather be playing tennis with friends!

  23. Diana Romero

    I’d Rather be playing basketball and baseball with my amazing family!

  24. Cassandra

    I’d rather be skiing the slopes in Big Bear.

  25. Cassandra

    I’d rather be skiing the slopes in Big Bear.

  26. patrick meserkhani

    I’d rather be mountain biking in the beautiful beaudry canyon trail in Glendale

  27. Gretchen

    i’d rather be camping out with my dogs!!

  28. Wendy Jung

    I’d rather be cycling!

  29. Johnny T.

    I’d rather be playing tennis and enjoying my beautiful summer!

  30. Ryan W

    I’d rather be biking or jogging on my local trails.

  31. LarryB

    I’d rather be on top of the mountain looking down.

  32. Megan Kirby

    I’d rather be knee deep in the water somewhere.

  33. Allan Engelhorn

    I’d rather be backwoods backpacking and fishing.

  34. Kaye Maigue

    I’d rather be outdoors.

  35. Allan Engelhorn

    I’d rather be backcountry backpacking.


    I’d #ratherbe a cyclist.

  37. Larry T

    I’d rather be cruising down the coast on my bike.

  38. Isaac Hernandez

    I’d rather be mountain biking in mammoth.

  39. Vasile Samartinean

    I’d rather be backpacking in the Grand Canyon!

  40. Michelle

    I’d rather be camping in the mountains.

  41. Eric

    I’d rather be fishing on my surfboard in under the Tahitian moon!

  42. Austin T

    i’d rather be surfing!

  43. Ravin Prasad

    I’d rather be fishing right now.

  44. Katrina Jenkins

    I’d rather be….Water skiing at Lake Powell

  45. Stephen Hamra

    I’d rather be playing rock climbing right now.

  46. Jayson Matthews

    I’d rather be not on this computer right now.


    I would rather be at the Beach with my boys!

  48. Frank O'Grady

    Surfing in Nayarit!

  49. I would rather be spearfishing in New Zealand.

  50. Jessica

    I would rather be swimming laps in the pool.

  51. audra

    id rather be fishing with my girlfriend @ the river… Laughlan here we come

  52. I’d rather be somewhere where I can forget keyboards exist.

  53. chris kidder

    I’d rather be playing beach volleyball in Venice with my friends on a sunny California Saturday!

  54. Sherdellah Anunciado

    I’d rather be snowboarding!

  55. Jennifer Hansen

    I’d rather be river rafting!

  56. Jennifer Hansen

    I’d rather be river rafting down class 4 rapids!

  57. Christina Torres


  58. JulieB

    I’d rather be playing on the beach with my family!

  59. Scott

    I’d rather be WAKEBOARDING!

  60. Erin

    I’d rather be scuba diving!

  61. Lisa Davis

    I’d rather be camping with old friends. That would include hiking, swimming, fishing, and sitting around the campfire til late at night. If you cook I’ll do the dishes.

  62. Moriah Z.

    Actually I’d rather be playing softball.

  63. Moriah Z.

    I’d rather be somewhere cold.

  64. Kristen M.

    I’d rather be hiking.

  65. Brian Korn

    I would rather be 60′ under water diving…

  66. Salome Dominguez

    I’d rather be running!

  67. Steve Cecil

    I’d rather be kayaking!!!

  68. Lynne Affleck

    I’d rather be playing soccer. Any day. Anywhere.

  69. erin olson

    I’d rather be training for my marathon!

  70. Edgar Guzman

    I’d rather be touring live with linkin park iwith a profesional rock band

  71. Rich Rotte

    I’d rather be diving. Anywhere.

  72. Hal Summers

    I’d rather be alone in the wilderness, traveling fast across the land.

  73. Debbie Terry

    at yoga class

  74. Jocelyn Fasnacht

    I’d rather be healthy!

  75. I’d rather skiing right now. Miss it during the summer!

  76. angel rubio

    I’d rather be lifting heavy weights right now.

  77. Tricia Williams

    I’d rather be in Hawaii! :)

  78. Joe Vigil

    I’d rather be Mountain biking in MOAB!! Utah

  79. Melanie Sheridan

    I’d rather be on a cruise!

  80. I’d rather be at the beach!

  81. Donna Marin

    I’d rather be in the mountains hiking than being home where it’s warm outside.

  82. Donna Marin

    I’d rather be employed than being unemployed.

  83. Felina M

    I would rather be in my kayak on a river in Southern Missouri. Any of them.

  84. tracy a trimberger

    I’d rather be in there playing than sitting on the side watching!

  85. Cameron Robbins

    I’d rather be climbing.

  86. Daniel Burke

    I’d rather be spearfishing 30ft underwater!

  87. Daniel Burke

    I’d rather be swimming 30ft below the ocean searching for white seabass!

  88. Mariza hemming-Andrade

    Id rather be snorkeling in the Bahamas with my hubby and 2 boys!

  89. Samantha Swerkes

    at the beach watching my kids enjoy boogie boarding and skinboarding!!!!

  90. Ijaz Afzal


  91. Daniel Burke

    I’d rather be 30ft under water, watching big old white seabass swim past.

  92. Paula S.

    Id rather be…
    SORE THAN SORRY !!!! (:

  93. Brian Pahed

    I’d rather be out learning to golf with my little brother. Funny how the tides turn that way sometimes.

  94. Spencer

    I’d rather be Freediving

  95. Jonathan Lemus

    I’d rather be shopping at Sport Chalet for triathlon gear.

  96. scott salters

    I’d rather be playing tennis with the best coach possible, my dad. #fathersday

  97. angel

    Crossfit training.

  98. brenda

    id rather be dunking

  99. Jesus C

    I’d rather be running in my cool new gear I got at Sport Chalet! =D

  100. Long T Nguyen

    I’d rather be mtn biking, backpacking, snowboarding, fishing, wakeboarding, playing tennis!

  101. Evan

    I’d rather be Working at Sport Chalet!!!!!!! (:

  102. Kimberly Saavedra

    I’d rather be EXPLORING!

  103. Dominique Klarich

    I’d rather be SCUBA diving!

  104. Gemma Avila

    Id rather be Camping in beautiful California!!

  105. susie huddleston

    I’d rather be at the beach

  106. Jeremy S

    I’d rather be hiking!
    jjsell76 at yahoo dot com

  107. Heather

    I’d rather be swimming!

  108. K. Kufeldt

    I’d rather be canoeing in the Boundary Waters!

  109. Natalie Cayer

    I’d rather be cycling!

  110. Richard Everett

    I’d rather be snowboarding

  111. ryan milbourne

    I’d rather be diving!

  112. Jon Austin

    I’d rather be biking

  113. Gian Carlo

    I’d rather be me

  114. Sacsovann Yos

    I’d rather be freestyle slalom skating.

  115. Karen Minter

    I’d rather be outdoors teaching adaptive sports.

  116. Rayman hernandez

    I’d rather be biking in Downtown Ventura/ Where My Turf Meets the Surf.

  117. Kristin Johnson

    I’d rather be running up the cliffs at Torrey Pines State Beach…and sprinting back down!

  118. Cheryl

    I’d rather be walking my dogs.

  119. Jennifer Boyd

    I’d rather be on vacation

  120. Brian Garbark

    I’d rather be running with Team Hoyt.

  121. crystal s.

    I’d rather be playing hockey!

  122. julie baird

    I’d rather be paddleboarding

  123. Craig Levra

    I’d rather be trying out new ice climbing gear at North Peak or the Dana Couloir.

  124. Kurt

    I’d rather be cycling 200k.

  125. Cassidy McGuire

    I would rather be wakeboarding. After the 4 crossfit workouts I did this morning plus running and yoga, I am too tired to stand. If I were standing I’d rather it be on my wakeboard in a cold lake

  126. Daniela

    I rather be HERE! I have the “I rather be hiking” plate holder on my car, but everytime I see it I think how I would really like one that says that I’m happy and fulfill here, right now.

  127. I’d rather be placing needles in people.

  128. Bessamy

    I’d rather be learning yoga! Thanks for the chance! =)

  129. Renee Dominguez

    I’d rather be sweating in a hot yoga room

  130. James Grace

    I’d rather be running in my bare feet.

  131. I’d #ratherbe walking hills in San Diego in some Adidas climacool gear. Sweat, begone!

  132. Matthew Palmer

    I’d rather be on a mountain bike

  133. I’d rather be sweating in sexy new summer yoga gear!

    Thanks Sports Chalet!

  134. Lili

    I’d rather be trail running with my comfy Salomon Women’s X Tiana Md Wp Shoe (which I got from Sport Chalet) and discover all the wonderful things that God made for us out there!!!

  135. Brooke

    I’d rather be at the gym conditioning to pass the physical test so I can become a Sheriff!

  136. I’d rather be in downward dog, practicing yoga on my new yoga mat form Sports Chalet!

  137. I’d rather be racing in a triathlon!

  138. Rebekah

    I’d rather be snorkeling in warm, clear waters off the coast with my new gear from Sports Chalet!

  139. I’d rather be… scuba diving! I miss it a lot, and need to make it more of a priority now that summer is here. :-)

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