SCUBA Equipment to Stay Safe

It’s true that some dives will require nothing more than your self-contained, underwater breathing apparatus. Whether these dives are part of guided tours, or in a freshwater environment where practice and exploration are your sole purpose of your dive, there is little need for accessories outside of a dive light, and perhaps an underwater camera. However, when you begin to embark on the adventures associated with SCUBA, you should consider a few other items to aid in the enjoyment and safety of your dives.

SCUBA Safety Equipment – Dive Lights

There are a variety of dive lights available, helping you to better explore the world that is thriving below the surface of the water. One of the most enjoyable aspects of SCUBA is diving around old wrecks, underwater caves and exploring various reefs and new waters. Dive lights range in size, scope and cost and are even available in sets. You’ll find halogen technology, as well as impressive capability via power-saving LEDs. A great option when first investing in dive light accessories is the Princeton Tec Ultimate Dive Set. This affordable set presents an Eco Flare, a hand-held flashlight, as well as pistol-grip spotlight.

SCUBA Safety Equipment – Dive Knives

Dive knives serve as a multipurpose tool when diving old, familiar territories, and especially when exploring new areas. Knives can be used as probing tools, underwater hunting weapons, and self-defense weapons. They can also be used on dry land for several activities, including preparing fish and working around a campsite. Choose from blunt-tip knives, pointed tip knives, stainless steel knives and titanium knives, which are an excellent choice for use in saltwater since they resist corrosion. Dive knives will range in cost, and a quality knife, such as Innovative Scuba Concepts 3” blunt-tip and pointed-tip blades can be secured for less than $20. These knives are great for exploring as well as protection. If you’re hoping for something that is excellent for hunting, or to accompany a session of spearfishing, consider a model such as the Riffe Silencer, which retails for around $90.

SCUBA Safety Equipment – Spearguns

Whether deep sea hunting, or freshwater spearfishing, spearguns are a tool that will serve as both a weapon of game and food capture as well as protection against a potentially formidable foe. The chances of needing to use a speargun for protection is slim to none, but it is worth knowing that such a gun is capable when you’re exploring the deep. Spearguns range in cost from a couple hundred bucks to several hundred, even into the thousands depending on a gun’s range and ability. A good brand to consider if you’re a first time buyer is JBL spearguns. They offer several guns that are excellent for a beginner, or for the competition fisherman.

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