SCUBA Diving Gear Basics for Your Next Dive

Whether you are an amateur diver or an experienced SCUBA enthusiast, you should be aware of the latest and greatest clothing and gear for your upcoming adventures. A SCUBA wetsuit, boots, and gloves are essential for both short dives and long-distance journeys. Take time to learn about and explore all the necessary gear on our easy-to-use website or in a store near you. Remember, every Sport Chalet location is stocked with SCUBA supplies and experts that can help you choose the best assortment for your diving style.

SCUBA Diving Gear – Wetsuits

When you first start to explore SCUBA gear, a wetsuit should be on the top of your list. Wetsuits can be purchased for men, women, and children in a variety of styles and sizes. It is suggested that you purchase a full body wetsuit for deep dives in order to maintain your body temperature, but you can also opt for a short arm style that stops at the elbow and the knee. There are still other options to choose from, including the Aqua Lung 8MM SolAfx wetsuit for men or women that features a hood and top-of-the-line materials. Adding a hood or beanie is important to keep you warm even at the deepest depths.

SCUBA Diving Gear – Dive Boots

Waterproof dive boots are also a great option when you might encounter rugged terrain or cold temperatures. Fitted dive boots can serve as an extension of the wetsuit so consider shopping for both items at the same time. Sport Chalet stocks a variety of dive boots designed for almost every water activity.

SCUBA Diving Gear – Dive Gloves

If you plan to explore with your hands, you can find dive gloves in a variety of styles and sizes. Gloves will serve multiple purposes during your upcoming dive, including protecting your hands and keeping your temperature stable. Dive gloves are a necessity if you plan to touch and handle underwater rocks and jagged items. The Pinnacle Aquatics Merino-Karbonflex Glove has a Kevlar palm and wrist strap with Velcro closure so you can stay comfortable and warm during every dive.

Get all your gear in one place with assistance from our experts at Sport Chalet. Whether you shop online or visit one of our stores, we are here to help.

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