Night Bites for Catching High Desert Catfish on Hesperia Lake

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When I first heard about the Power Caps made by Panther Vision, I initially expected some kind of gimmick. That changed quickly after I had a chance to actually wear one while doing a new film for my long time running Fishing Ventures weekly show on FOX Sports West.

We were testing the Power Caps at Hesperia Lake in the high desert, about 90 miles east of Los Angeles. This small eight acre lake is arguably the most heavily stocked impoundment, per acre, anywhere in the country. Lake managers load Hesperia with game fish including huge rainbow trout and inland sturgeon. On this particular night, we were targeting the big channel catfish for which Hesperia Lake is legendary. The “cats” grow up to 80 pounds in this small lake and are notorious nocturnal feeders.

Typically, we set up shoreline spots with bulky gas lanterns, ice boxes loaded with frozen mackerel for our bait, and a cutting board to prepare the bait. We usually have to maneuver the gas lanterns back and forth between our tackle boxes, the ice chest, the cutting board, and then back to our rods set up inside rod holders staked out on the bank.

Wow! With our Power Caps, all of this maneuvering was totally eliminated. The Caps provided a tremendous amount of directed light that allowed us to use both hands freely to tie hooks, cut bait, and even re-spool reels with fresh line in total darkness! Then, we were able to actually watch our rod tips by directing the Power Cap beam onto the rod while still freely moving both hands.

There was so much illumination from the little LED lamps in the Power Cap, I was able to read a book while sitting in a lawn chair waiting for the fish to bite! Many in our film crew of visiting anglers were veteran duck and geese hunters. To say the least, they all commented how the Power Cap will be a welcome addition in the duck blinds, so as not spook the birds from flying in to land.

There are numerous ponds, sloughs, rivers, and canals in the far eastern part of the desert here in southern California. Use your Power Cap at night to fish the big catfish that live in these waters. Then keep it on as you move into the blind waiting for a flock of birds to land!

Power Caps are now available at a Sport Chalet near you. They are very inexpensive additions to your tackle arsenal. The batteries last a long time and are replaceable. There are different styles and colors to choose from and are in stock at Sport Chalet all season long. Talk about a great holiday gift as well! For the outdoors enthusiast who is difficult to shop for, I guarantee they will not be disappointed in receiving a new Power Cap as the ultimate gift!

Ronnie Kovach

Ronnie is a former freshwater bass guide and has written five bestselling books on the theory and practice of successful angling. His weekly show “Radio Outdoor Expeditions” is in its twentieth year on the Angels Baseball Network. Ronnie’s popular “Fishing Ventures Television” has garnered 14 prestigious Telly Awards and is aired weekly on Fox Sports West. As a current world record holder, Ronnie continues to teach at his Owner Hooks Fishing Schools (established in 1989), and spread a message for planetary stewardship.

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  1. Nice post. Can’t wait to try them out!

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