New Year, New At-Home Fitness Tips

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If you woke up on New Year’s Day to find that those pumpkin pies and holiday eggnogs didn’t stay in 2012, you’re not alone.  Instead of making a lofty New Year’s resolution to lose 10 lbs by living at the gym, we suggest you adopt a sustainable fitness routine you can do anywhere to meet your goals this year. We’ve partnered with resident Fitness Expert Aaron Dunn to gather tips, tricks and tools of the trade to help you out.


If you want to tone up: Try some Pilates inspired moves to elongate your muscles and tone your core. This Portable Pilates Studio allows you to work out with minimal equipment, using your body and power cords as the main instruments in your routine. Not into the idea? Try the Go Fit Ultimate Pro Gym. According to Aaron, “It’s the go anywhere, train anytime home gym that comes complete with its own personal trainer on DVD.”

If you want to build muscle: Pick up a kettle bell and get lifting. Essentially a weight with thick, grip handles attached, kettlebells are picking up in popularity across the country for the way they work your muscles. “Unlike dumbbells, kettlebell workouts out offer a larger number of movements, with a higher number of repetitions, working several muscle groups simultaneously,” Aaron says. “This makes your work out more aerobic as, and similar to high intensity circuit training.”

If you want to work up a sweat: Step up—literally. Adding a step board to an aerobic routine will get your pulse pounding and calories burning. “The new Freestyle Club Step has a patent pending, and it gets you more out of your workout by combining cardio, strength, toning and balance,” Aaron comments. For an additional challenge, try a destabilized platform like a GoFit Adjustable Wobble Board – it will make you work harder by forcing you to utilize stabilization muscles to catch your balance.

If you want to build healthy habits with your family: Take the family outside and get moving! If you live in a warmer climate, plan a hike or take your bikes to the local park. If it’s cold enough for snow, head to the nearest lift and practice snowboarding or skiing. Exercise doesn’t mean equipment—just get out, get moving and get your family involved.

If you happen to travel a lot: Traveling isn’t an excuse to skip a workout. Pack a jump rope and a power tube: both are lightweight and won’t take up too much space in your suitcase. Plan to get your heart rate up by jumping rope for 10 minutes, which can burn 130 calories. Use the resistance bands to work your arms, lats and core. Or opt for the Travel Gym from GoFit, which Aaron considers a leader in fitness manufacturing. “They’re known for developing lines of innovative products combined with world class educational content designed to enhance your workout experience.”

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  1. Wow, thanks for the useful tips. I am a jump rope fan. Your steps becomes lighter when you jog.

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