Make Family Safety Your New Year’s Resolution and Download this Emergency Preparedness Checklist


Are you prepared for the unexpected? As this year comes to a close, it’s easy to reflect on the good things that happened. The fact is, no matter how difficult it may be it’s just as important for us to reflect on the tragedy and disaster that happened this year as well. Sport Chalet is dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones are safe when you’re out doing the things you’d rather be out doing, and when emergencies happen. Emergency preparedness is so important and a way to instill peace of mind for yourself when at home, adventuring outdoors, or simply stepping outside your front door. Although we don’t always know what to expect, there is no such thing as being over prepared.

Here we will share an emergency preparedness checklist that you can use to start planning for you and your family. This list can be used for most emergencies, both indoors and outdoors. Be sure to be moderate the list based on your personal needs.

You can also download or print a full, itemized copy here:
Emergency preparedness checklist (PDF)

Emergency Supplies

These are supplies that will be essential to your survival. Most of these items you will already have lying around your home. The important thing is that you keep them in one place at all times so you know where to get them when you need them most.

Find emergency supplies

Sanitation & Hygiene

Sanitation is important when you are stranded, especially if water is not available. Comfort can become a huge luxury during a disaster, but it is also important to keep your hands and any wounds clean, or when preparing food.

Find sanitation and hygiene supplies


If you happen to find yourself outdoors when disaster strikes, the following items will aid you in creating a warm environment that you can survive in.

Find sleeping bags, tents, or cots

Foods & Cooking Supplies

Food and water are essential for survival so it is highly recommended that you keep a good amount stored for emergencies. Nonperishable and canned foods are going to be your best bet. Make sure you have a can opener. In addition, many of the items listed, such as a propane stove and a multipurpose knife will be helpful if you are have to hunt for food when stranded outdoors.

Find food and cooking supplies

Clothing & Shoes

Depending on where you are, clothing can save your life. Make sure you have clothing to protect you from a variety of weather conditions. For example, waterproof boots will help keep your feet dry and prevent, and work gloves will help you stack branches for when you’re building shelter without having to worry about injuring your hands.

Find weatherproof clothing

Miscellaneous Supplies

These following are additional supplies that can come in handy. Chances are using a credit card or ATM is not going to be an option during an emergency, so cash is important to have on hand. Storage containers are great for keeping food fresh and housing the many supplies you have gathered.

Find climbing equipment, backpacks or goggles

Make being prepared a New Year’s resolution! Make time to prepare an emergency plan and be sure all the places you regularly go to are emergency ready, your home, your car, your boat, your place of work. Make the planning fun, if you have a family, be sure to get the kids involved.

Emergencies can happen anywhere, and at any time. As the old saying goes, “it is better to be safe, than sorry.” We hope this list has encouraged you to start preparing. Take care.

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  1. Good stuff. I think everyone should consider what they really need in an emergency situation because while being comprehensive is good, getting to a safe location can be a matter of ounces and not pounds when on foot.

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