Keeping Your Fitness Routine Moving During Holiday Travel

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If you’re one of the 93 million Americans who will be heading out of town this holiday season, we’ve got some great tips for keeping your fitness routine moving during holiday travel. These tips can help you maintain your workout routine whether you’re staying in a hotel in a different climate, new city, or visiting your parents for Thanksgiving.

Heading to the Snow

Leaving the warm sunny skies of San Diego to visit family in a snowy location like Utah requires the right attire and gear, especially if you’re hitting the slopes. If you’re skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing, make sure and pack lightweight layers that keep you warm without hindering your agility. Base layers like the Helly Hansen HH Warm Pant and Hot Chilly’s La Montana Panel Zip T, keep body heat in and wick moisture away from your body. Complimenting your base layers with lightweight outer layers, like the Bogner Nik pant and Bogner Urbano jacket, will ensure you get the most out of your resort passes and workout by keeping you comfortable in the cold all day long. Gloves and socks are important assets to any get up. You’ll need a great grip glove like Dakine’s Charger glove and a cushioned sock that wicks away moisture. The Burton Scout socks are a great example.

While comfort is important, staying safe while playing outdoors is also a top priority. It’s easy to lose your way in all that snow, so taking along a GPS watch like the Magellan Switch Up GPS, which also includes a heart rate monitor, provides worry-free exploration.

Going to the Desert

Have you received an invitation to spend the holidays in a nice hot place like Arizona? Heading into the dry heat requires extra hydration. Lugging along a water bottle during those long hikes or bike rides isn’t ideal. Instead, pack a small backpack with a water system. CamelBak offers a wide variety of packs, and also offers just bladders that will fit in almost any backpack.

You will want to pack lightweight clothing and leave your bulky hiking boots at home. Instead, take a flexible shoe that works as well as a boot in rough terrains. Keen’s A86 TR Outdoor Training Shoe fits this description perfectly. The flexibility makes sure you’ve got plenty of room left in your suitcase.

Braving the Big City

If you are traveling to a city that never sleeps, like New York, you’ll want to stay warm for longer periods of time. Under Armour offers a line of clothing called Coldgear Infrared that is designed specifically for layering in cold weather. Choose bright colors with reflectors to make sure you’re noticed, and accessorize with a headlamp if you’re running or walking at night. And don’t forget a waterproof running shoe.

Another recommendation is to check air quality each day along with the weather report and only exercise outdoors on good days. If you’re staying in a hotel, pick one that offers a gym, so you can workout even if the air quality is poor.

Traveling with Sports Equipment

Taking your sporting equipment with you on a plane cross-country can be complicated to say the least. Each piece of sporting equipment counts as a checked bag and the fees can add up. Depending on what you’re taking, renting items like snowboards and skis from Sport Chalet’s equipment rental could end up costing you less. Rental fees are only charged for full day use. The pick-up and drop-off days are free.

Hand weights are allowed as carry-on items on a plane, but a better option is a resistance tube. Tubes like the GoFit Extreme come in a variety of weights, weigh next to nothing and can fit in the tiniest part of your suitcase. They are ideal for maintaining weight training during your travels.

Whether you’re headed to hot or cold temperatures, you cannot go wrong with a lot of lightweight waterproof layers. They take up less room in your suitcase and save you money on baggage. Make it simple and go as light as possible.

Following these tips and packing the right gear will help get you through the holidays with your healthy habits still intact. Maybe you can even get head start on fulfilling some of your New Year’s resolutions.

Happy holidays!

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