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Did you know? On the third Saturday of every month Sport Chalet stores with a pool offer a free demo where SCUBA instructors explain the basic principles of diving and SCUBA gear 101. Parents who SCUBA dive often ask what the ideal age is for introducing kids to the sport. We asked our SCUBA experts what parents need to consider before sending their kids into the water and here’s what they told us.

Start Them While They’re Young

It’s much easier to learn new skills when you’re young. SCUBA is an ideal activity for kids with an interest in underwater exploration, marine life or simply participating in an activity their parents have been waiting patiently for them to be old enough to enjoy, and learning a new skill at a young age will go a long way toward getting them on the road to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Take it Slow

Since this extracurricular activity requires the proper handling of equipment and safety guidelines to follow, you’ll want to introduce children when they’re mature enough to handle the responsibility. The free SCUBA demos which take place on the third Saturday of every month, are open to newbies as young as ten years old, making it the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to the idea of SCUBA.

When they’re ready for more, sign them up for the PADI Junior Open Water Diver course, also offered at select Sport Chalet locations.

Plan an Underwater Adventure

Once the SCUBA sessions are underway and your children have gained confidence in their skills, make plans to get out for an underwater adventure. Whether the body of water you plan on diving in is within driving distance or a plane ride away, they will be amazed by the sites of nature.

Many resorts offer SCUBA diving as an activity for the entire family. Finding a place where your kids can enjoy themselves safely, in and out of the water, is key to keeping them excited about learning this new skill.

Grab Your Waterproof Camera and Say Cheese!

Underwater photos are a great way to capture the memories of your child’s adventure as they learn to SCUBA dive. Invest in a GoPro camera or enlist a professional photographer to accompany your underwater expedition. You’ll be glad you captured their adventures to show off to the grandparents. The kids will enjoy taking their own underwater photos, too.

Gather the Troops

If your son happens to be in Boy Scouts, why not get the troop together for a group course? Through Sport Chalet’s PADI courses, and with a group of six or more, Boy Scout troops are invited to participate in this course that will help them earn their SCUBA Diving Merit Badge, and is offered to them at a discounted rate. Contact your local Sport Chalet pool store for details on the troop discount and availability.

Once your kids become certified, your weekends will no longer be the same. Join a free introductory SCUBA course at your local Sport Chalet.

Not every Sport Chalet location has a pool on site, but many do. Check our store listing for details.

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  1. It’s good to expose your kids to scuba diving even at a very young age. This preps up their bodies to deal with the demands of the activity and most importantly, for them to experience how wonderful scuba diving is, seeing all the works of nature that were given to us.

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