INTERVIEW: Burton’s Jussi Oksanen


A snowboarding icon for over a decade, Burton’s Jussi Oksanen has made a career living the dream of most winter sports enthusiasts. Oksanen has dominated the video scene, the backcountry snowboarding scene and collected countless awards for his talents, and thanks to Burton Snowboards, we were lucky enough to get to talk to this legend. Here’s Jussi Oksanen in 10 questions.

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You’ve been snowboarding since 1989, professionally since the early 2000s. When did you first get out into the snow? My first memory of snow is from when I was 4, skiing at home in Finland.

You’ve had such an amazing career. What has been the highest point in it so far? Just to be able to make a living doing what I love!

Good enough for us. We have to ask who inspires you… any athlete, current or from the past? Peter Line, Ingemar Backman and Jamie Lynn were huge influence when I was growing up.

On the off chance that you’re not riding, where could someone find you? In the water, surfing.

Into any other outdoor activities or sports in particular? I just like exploring wherever I am at the time.

What’s next on your list—a particularly challenging trick, an event, a place? I want to find some new jumps and terrain to ride, explore more new mountains.

It might be an impossible question, but if you had to pick one place to ride, which would you say is your favorite? I love the Whistler [Blackcomb, British Columbia] area, so much sick terrain to ride and it gets the most snow out of any other place.

When you’re exploring these mountains, what are your favorite brands of snowboarding gear? Burton, Zeal and WESC

Do you have any wisdom to share with younger snowboarders and fans? Go explore and enjoy the mountains, try to take it all in, nothing last forever!

 Last question: Pick one word to describe yourself: Explorer.


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