Glamping with Your Diva


For many of us, there is no greater pleasure than surviving in the wild as our forefathers once did before us—with two hands and whatever tools can be carried on our backs. One of the greatest pleasures of exploring the great outdoors, however, is sharing the experience with the ones we love. The problem is not everyone is going to be cut from the same extra-rugged cloth that we are.

It’s a simple fact of life. Some girls want to be treated like princesses no matter where they are. Yosemite or the Four Seasons—the willingness to go out and “rough it” simply doesn’t exist. But the good news is, this doesn’t mean that you need to avoid joint trips into nature. You need to be a bit more creative in making sure your significant other stays comfortable. It’s called “glamping” folks. Short for glamorous camping. And, we’re here to help you do exactly that.

Glam Up Her Space

The first step is to make sure she won’t be housed in a Spartan shelter. Small A-frame tents are perfect for keeping you covered on backpacking trips (seasoned campers have even come to replace the word “claustrophobic” with “cozy”), but if she is the type of girl that demands a bit more than tarp-covered dirt, upgrading to something more spacious will make a world of difference. Many larger tents are still simple to set up and will give you the desired headspace without breaking the bank. Although we must admit, the thought of trading in a split-flap for a luxurious twelve person tent is enough to give us serious backpackers a shot of anxiety.

Charm Her With Eye Candy

Just what does it mean now that you’re joining the ranks of the casual campers?

Well, aside from the positives of having more living space and a happier significant other, it also means that you’re about to lose the beloved mobility you get by having a tent you can carry on your back. Day-trips will be the order rather than multi-day trekking excursions, which means you should choose your camping destination with extra-careful thought. You’ll want a campsite that doesn’t feel touristy or overcrowded, but that has enough to see and do close by that you won’t be sacrificing beauty for convenience. Picking trails close to lakes and rivers also creates perfect opportunities for picnics, giving you the opportunity to add a spark of romance to the outing with some Robinson Crusoe style charm.

Treat Her Like She’s Sleeping Beauty

When it comes to the campsite itself, the key is to think of those creature comforts that will make it feel more like a hotel and less like a vacant dirt lot. No princess wants to snooze on the floor, and while a double-wide sleeping pad may not rival the plush bedding of the Marriott, it might look like a royal cot when the alternative is hard packed earth. Assuming you’ll be driving into the campsite, you can even splurge by bringing in some full-sized pillows from home.

Wine and Dine Her

Food is another area where you can make the campsite really shine. Having fewer weight and space limitations means you can leave the the gorp and tortillas on the shelf and pack a wide array of semi-perishables that can be combined for delicious meals. Women love men that can cook, and if you can whip up something mouthwatering over a fire you started with your own two hands, you might have just passed the world’s ultimate culinary exam. The trick is thinking through everything you need in advance because most good campsites are a long haul from any store. And since many of us have never even had the chance to contemplate campfire gourmet, Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Outdoors is an awesome place to start.

Follow these steps. Plan ahead. Throw in plenty of bug spray and a maybe even a pouch of all-terrain chardonnay. We assure you, your diva’s first glamping trip will leave her asking for many more.

Have you gone glamping? How do you make your campsite luxurious? Leave us a comment.

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