Family of 4 Heads to Big Bear With Sport Chalet Ski Rentals

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SC Expert Ginger shares her recent experience with Sport Chalet’s ski rental process and how it made all the difference in her family’s trip to Bear Mountain.

Our annual family ski trip is something we look forward to and talk about all year long. Sixteen people in one cabin, long days on the slopes and fun in the snow can’t be beat. But now having two young children, the trip has changed from spur-of-the-moment and little planning to a trip with all details worked out up-front in order to have a seamless, smooth weekend. This means working out logistics, like ski rentals and lift tickets, ahead of time.

Last weekend Sport Chalet offered to help my family avoid the hassle and hit the mountain faster by showing up with our gear in hand.

We picked up our rentals the night before so we weren’t in a rush.

As a mom to two young boys, I knew it was important to take care of as much as I could up-front, knowing my boys wouldn’t be able to wait long once on Bear Mountain in Southern California. I wanted them to get in full days of lessons and practice without the hassle and frustration of checking out the gear that morning.

The night before we left for our weekend get-away, we headed up to the San Marcos Sport Chalet for what turned out to be a really fun process.

We were the only ones in the rental department, and my kids were super (overly) excited. The gentleman that helped us was patient and worked with their excitement to make the process engaging and interesting. He explained what he was doing and listened to the boys’ preferences on boot color (they wanted matching boots). My husband even learned a thing or two about the design of boots and the latest ski and snowboard technology.

My two boys trying on the boots and learning about proper fit and tightness:

pic 1

Watching the boot and ski fitting process:

pic 2

Stoked with his cool skis:

pic 3

We rented four sets of skis, boots and poles and were out in under an hour. While we didn’t need goggles or helmets, Sport Chalet does rent them out and the gentleman helping us made sure were protecting our heads on the mountain, especially with such light snow.

pic 4

The process was easy and once on the mountain the gear was awesome. We didn’t feel like we had equipment that had been overly used at all, and it didn’t look like everybody else’s on the slopes so it was easy to find when we set it aside for lunch.

pic 5

Most Southern Californians feel our pain with the lack of winter and snow on the slopes, but Bear Mountain and Snow Summit still offered a great skiing experience. The man-made snow was good enough for us, and was definitely better than skipping the slopes althogether (which we considered this year). And truly, little boys do NOT know the difference.

pic 6

pic 7

From the top of one of the beginner slopes showing the nice snow coverage:

pic 8

The good thing about the warm weather? Most of the day we skied without jackets and in short sleeves!

They came to my house to pick it up!

The home pick-up truly can’t be beat. We all have a million things on our “to do” list, and when I learned of the home pick-up option I knew it meant one less thing I needed to fit in my schedule after we returned from our weekend getaway. Here’s what you need to know about Sport Chalet’s home pick-up option:

  • To coordinate home pick-up, contact the Sport Chalet Customer Service Department around the time you rent your gear (but no later than the morning you want it picked up). Phone number 888-801-9162.
  • Cost. If you call before 11am, it’s $25. Between 11am-1pm it’s $35. After 1pm will not be picked up same day. Offered Monday through Friday, and only available within 25 miles of the store location where the gear was rented.
  • Home pick-up is done through a courier service called PCS. The person who picks up will have their own vehicle but be wearing a shirt to identify themselves. You don’t have to be home, but it’s preferred. You can leave specific instructions that can be relayed to the courier.

When the woman arrived at my home she was courteous and friendly, and the process was over in less than three minutes (as long as it took to transfer the gear from my garage to her car).

pic 9

How you can spend more time on the mountain with Sport Chalet rentals.

To get your Sport Chalet snowboard and ski rentals, check out the prices and locations here. Taking care of business beforehand means more time on the slopes!

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