Expert Interview with Easton Bell Sports’ Alex Ring on All Things Baseball


Alex Ring, Easton Bell Sports

We got a chance to talk with expert Alex Ring, grassroots marketing manager of Easton baseball/softball, about all things baseball. From using baseball to focus in the office to wise hitting advice, he’s shared his unique perspective and valuable tips you can take to the field. Find more from Alex by following Easton Bell Sports on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

Here’s our interview…

What was the first sport you learned to play as a child?

The first sport that I learned to play as a child was football, my dad and all my uncles played some form of either professional or college football so I was throwing a football from my butt to my dad before I could walk.

What would you “rather be…” out doing today?

I really love what I get to do at Easton, as its mainly working with college ballplayers, but if I had to choose I would much rather be at AT&T park in San Francisco taking in a Giants game and eating some garlic fries.

How do you take it to the limit?

I like to DREAM CRAZY by always trying to get a little bit better at something every day. I look at it as if I get 1% better at my job every day after a year I’m 365 times better than I was that day one year ago!

What motivates you?

I am motivated by the long legacy of excellence that Easton has. They have been the best baseball company since the 1970’s and I like to do whatever I can to further solidify that reputation.

What tips do you have for others wanting to try or excel at this sport?

The only tip I would give to a young ball player trying to get ahead in the baseball world is to never give up. I was cut from 3-4 baseball teams over my career. But all of that made me a tougher more disciplined player. Don’t ever let anyone tell you to stop playing, stop when you want to stop!

How would you describe your sport style?

I would describe my sport style as a high performance hipster for sure. I make sure I go as hard as possible and I like to look as good as possible. Got to have swag out on the ball field.

What does “Play to win” mean to you?

When I hear play to win I don’t necessarily think of a final outcome. When I play to win I like to focus on my own personal process and making sure I’m sticking to that and not getting away from it. I’m never going to be able to step on a field and just turn it on and go beat people. That is done in the offseason, in the weight room, in the cages when no one is watching… That is where you get your edge so once it’s game time, I like to just relax and tell myself I’ve prepared better than anyone else, have confidence in my ability, and above all have a good time. When you focus on that process more often than not the outcome will be in your favor.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

The best advice I ever got was from the wisest baseball guy I’ve ever been around Leon Lee, Derrek Lee’s dad, and it applied to hitting. He told me that an 0-0 count is a hitters count and that the strike zone is restricted airspace, if I see any object flying through that zone I’m going to have to knock it out of the sky and out of the park!

What do you like best about working for Easton Bell Sports?

The thing I like most about working like Easton is exemplifying a sports culture. Working there isn’t like going in and punching a time card and going home, rather you’re part of a team. We all push each other to get better daily and it shows through our product and brand. Also getting to take a hundred swings every day definitely doesn’t suck!

What’s the one piece of gear you can’t live without?

The one piece of gear I can’t live without is my glove. I got a new glove when I started at Easton and it is my baby! I have it with me everywhere I go, and when I am having trouble thinking through a problem or just need a brake I’ll pull it out and oil it up and 9 times out of 10 I come back to the problem with a great solution.

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