Expert Advice on How-to Rise Above Your Run with Brooks Transcend

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Brooks Transcend5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! Brooks Sports launched its innovative new shoe, Transcend, Saturday and brought the zero gravity experience to our Sport Chalet stores. The running company went all out to promote its floating-on-air-feel shoe by showing up in space suits and even serving astronaut ice cream to our customers.

So what makes this shoe worthy of an extravaganza? Our shoe expert Robert, who is also an avid runner and currently prepping for the L.A. Marathon, helps explain.

Rising Above Your Run

“Rise above the run,” describes the floating in space feel of Transcend. Brooks Sports in Seattle has an intense biomechanics lab that’s worked tirelessly to majorly reengineer material that goes into cushioning and making running shoes lightweight, while still maintaining stability.

The scientific backing behind Transcend became the bridge for all those features. Instead of posting, which is denser foam on the in-step, Brooks Sports built guiderails that wrap around the entire edge of the shoe. This gives the runner stability without sacrificing that cushy, lightweight feel. The technology is best explained in this video from Brooks Running.

What Impact Will This Have On Your Run

The feel and float of the shoe has also been switched up – the feel being the runner’s contact with the road and the float being the cushioning offered as the foot strikes the road.

The feel in Transcend has heel to toe drop of four millimeters from the heel and to the toe.. This drop gives a runner a natural feeling and experience, while still maintaining the protection they need. Many running shoes are higher in the heel and lower in the toe causing the runner to slant forward which can cause greater heel strike and impact on your joints.

The company, who is solely dedicated to running shoes, is breaking the mold of old-school thinking in regards to building quality running shoes.

“I’ve been buying shoes for 12 years, and to see the improvement in their [Brooks] product over that timeframe is pretty amazing,” Robert says.

Is Transcend Right for Me?

Brooks new shoe offers more cushioning with the float. Running on a float shoe gives more heel protection, whereas in a feel shoe the runner lands more on their mid-foot. So it’s really determined by the kind of running you’re into.

Robert  advises that Brooks has designed this shoe to apply to a broader range of runners.

Street vs. Treadmill vs. Trail

This shoe is universal in this respect, although if you are taking it on a trail it’s a good idea to stick to a fire road. This is mainly designed as a road-running shoe.

A lot of what differentiates a road from a trail shoe is having a denser more closed up mesh to keep dirt out and a more rugged outsole. This isn’t designed for intense trail running, this is more specific for running on roads or treadmills.

If you’re a runner and you are curious about this shoe, our in-store Sport Chalet shoe experts can analyze what type of runner you are, how often and how far you run, and determine whether or not this is the right shoe for you. There isn’t a one-shoe-fits-all out there, but this comes pretty close.

Shop Brooks Transcend online or find a Sport Chalet near you.

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