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See The Stanley Cup In Person – Sport Chalet West Los Angeles

6.29.2012 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

| Free



Sport Chalet West Los Angeles: Friday, June 29 – 6:00pm -7:00pm


Limit one photo per person. Bring your own camera.


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Shop LA Kings® Stanley Cup® Champions Gear


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Sport Chalet – West Los Angeles
11801 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064 United States
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(310) 235-2847

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Read Comments {38}

  1. sm

    wow where did all these johnny come latelys come from several years ago not many people wanted anything to do with the kings, seats were cheap 50 bucks right behind net. the kings were losers then for many many years

  2. Nicole R.

    Please bring the cup to the Inland Empire in Southern California!!!
    We have Sports Chalets here, too!!!
    Lots of LA Kings fans over here!!!!

  3. mike

    picture WITH the Cup…right?

  4. erik

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH!!!! I have a show that night. Now, not only will I miss the cup, but nobody’s coming to my show since they will all be at Sport Chalet. Double whammy! Bring the cup to Piano Bar in hollywood afterwards! haha

  5. scott

    Adam, if you’re in line, will you save me a spot?

  6. Adam Moos

    If we are in line before 7:00 PM, will be guaranteed to get our picture with the Cup?

  7. mike

    one hour wont be nearly enough time

  8. Wendy

    Please bring it out to Ventura County. Theres lots of Kings fans out here!!!

  9. John

    Is there a schedule of where the Stanley Cup will be on display?

  10. Jeannette Jacobson & Ron Demler

    I agree…..Please bring the cup to San Gabriel Valley….there are so many KINGS Fans and many Sport Chalet stores…….We would love to meet some players and see the Stanley Cup……………Please…Please…Please!

  11. mike

    please bring the cup to Las Vegas. there are plenty of people here that would LOVE to take pic with the cup and meet some players…..

  12. leticia montanez

    Please bring the cup to JPL in Pasadena!!!

  13. Bob

    Please bring the cup to San Diego. We have alot of hockey and Kings fans in the San Diego. area that have been watching the Kings for years!!

    • Natalie

      So true! Wore our championship gear to the SD County fair and had season ticket holders coming up to us to talk about our Kings! We were so surprised!

  14. ted

    Please bring the cup to the San Gabriel Valley!!!!
    We have Sports Chalets here, too!!!
    Lots of LA Kings fans over here!!!!

  15. Randu

    I cant make it!!! Please do it earlier! Like 9am to 6 pm.

  16. Paul

    A member of the Kings will present the trophy at 11 a.m. Wednesday in the Pacific Community Center on 501 S. Pacific Ave. Glendale CA

  17. Paul

    A member of the Kings will present the trophy at 11 a.m. Wednesday in the Pacific Community Center on 501 S. Pacific Ave.

  18. Adam

    Well I will be getting there around 10 am cause if its anything like what t wqas for Brownie the cup will draw even more

  19. Ryen

    Please bring the Cup and a player or two to OC!!! I went to the Sport Chalet in Torrance but the line was out of control. I teach summer school and get done at 4, by the time I got to Torrance the line was around the building : (

    Been waiting for this a long time! Go Kings!

    • Tim from the OC

      Yes, please bring it to the OC. There are still fans like us that didn’t jump ship when the Ducks won! Never a ducks fan, Please bring it to the HEART of the OC at S.Coast Plaza just to stick it to some of the DUCK “Fans”!!!!

  20. Linda Corrente

    I will be there to see the Stanley Cup!!! I am so happy for the City of Los Angeles and the LA KINGS. My son played for a LA semi pro team 20 years ago and went on to be a pro. He had to try harder as scouts just didn’t value a LA recruit. Maybe now the kids that skate and play hockey here will have validity. It is exciting to see so many fans and learning the game.
    Congrats LA KINGS!!! I missed both celebrations at Staples and Hemosa Beach,so thanks Sport Chalet for this opportunity.

    • Jimmy

      Yes Linda this is great for the city of LA. Ive been a kings fan for the past 36 years when I was 8 years old taking the bus from Redondo to the Forum. I was down at Hermosa and it was packed. I’m planning on making the trip to Sport Chalet but my guess is there’s gonna be a thousand people and only an hour for the event and a lot of people wont get the chance. I have pictures of the cup but want once of me and my nephew. Good luck if you go.

  21. Theresa

    Please, please, please bring the Cup to Orange County! I’d be willing to bet the Kings have more fans here than those other guys.

    • Steve

      Brandon, the Cup will be in Glendale tomorrow morning. Hope you get to see it.

    • BobBoogue

      screw you orange county, You had the ducks, now finally the REAL los Angeles Hockey Team has won it all!

    • Gary Van Zandt

      The Ducks never brought the Cup to LA County…so why should the Kings go to the OC?

      • Mary

        Maybe because there are true Kings fans, who live in Orange County and have been following the Kings pre-Ducks and pre-Gretzky and would never ever consider being a Ducks fan. The Kings are long-awaited champions and should be appreciated wherever they have fans!

  22. Brandon

    Please come to Butbank!!!!

  23. Hector Fraticelli

    Will the Stanley Cup be on display in a location near West Covina, CA?

  24. Steve

    I work a block away. Sweet.