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9.13.2013 - 9.15.2013

090113 Scuba sale_MAIN


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  1. Douglas Kaufman

    So I went to the Sport Chalet store on Happy Valley Rd in Phoenix, AZ. No regulators were on sale, NONE. No BCD’s were on sale, NONE. No dive computers on sale, NONE. They had 1 dive knife on sale for 20% off and all snorkels were on sale 20% off. There were no SCUBA sales reps working, only sales reps from other departments who knew nothing about scuba equipment. And even though they had lots of signs up for the 3-day sale, I was told that the sale prices were available online only and to use my iphone to check it out. Now I find out after driving back home and visiting your web site that only the Tempe store has anything on sale. What a waste of my time. Hire a few divers to run your scuba area, or at least people that care about their customers. I was looking to replace my regulator and BCD but now I will shop elsewhere.

    • Tim

      That’s why the big box stores will never make it this scuba game. Its impossible. Spend your money on the smaller, customer service oriented shops. You might pay a slight increase in equipment but your making it up in service and knowledge 10 fold. You cant have cheap prices and good customer service in big box. Impossible.

  2. Jared

    What are the dive package options?