Essential Ski Gear

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Essential Ski Gear

Some sports, like running, don’t require much equipment; all you need is a pair of running shoes and you’re good to go. But skiing is a sport where success and failure can be directly related to your equipment…and there is a lot of ski gear required!


The right skis can make the difference between a terrible ski experience and a great one. Whether you are a beginner or advanced skier, the skis you choose are extremely important and having the right size and type of ski for your ability is the key to a successful run. That’s why you should always rely on an expert when you are choosing ski gear. Sport Chalet carries the latest in skiing technology like the Volkl Men’s Code Psi customizable ski or the Volkl Estrella for women featuring Bio-Logic technology. The knowledgeable experts at Sport Chalet can make recommendations as to which skis to buy (or to rent) based on your skill level to ensure a successful ski experience every time.

Ski Boots

Finding a comfortable pair of ski boots is very challenging…especially since ski boots in general are not entirely comfortable. That being said, ski boot manufacturers have incorporated many specialized design and technological elements to give skiers the best performance from their boots. Sport Chalet carries the top names in ski boots so you can choose the pair that is best for you. For women, the Head Dream ski boots are the only 100% women’s boot series on the market. Designed by and for women, this boot offers skiers warmth and comfort coupled with superior performance. For men, Sport Chalet carries Nordica’s Fire Arrow ski boots, which were designed for skiers who ski at faster speeds, requiring more precision laterally and more progressive forward flex.

Ski Clothes

Perhaps even more important than choosing the right skis or ski boots is choosing the right ski clothing. Of all the ski gear, this is the one that can really make or break your ski vacation since being cold can ruin a ski trip. Shopping for ski clothing is also important since there are many unknown variables when you are skiing and it’s helpful to have the guidance of the experts at Sport Chalet to steer you toward the best ski clothing choices for your trip. If you are going to a place where ice is a factor, you might need a different type of jacket than if you are skiing in power. With styles by top-name ski apparel manufactures like Spyder, North Face and Bogner, Sport Chalet has different options for ski clothing as well as the rest of your ski gear.

Sport Chalet

We’re experts on a mission to help you excel at all the things you’d rather be out doing. Sport Chalet has 54 retail stores offering the hottest brand name apparel and equipment for beginners to pros.

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