Essential Bike Clothing for Cyclists

When you purchase a bicycle, there are a few things that you’ll want to invest in which will aid in making your ride safer, more comfortable and even more efficient. All forms of cycling, from road riding to cross-country mountain biking, serve as wonderful forms of exercise, but the exercise can also be exhausting, lead to saddle soreness, cause blisters on the hands and allow dust and dirt particles into the eyes. Consider a few articles of clothing and safety equipment that will alleviate these potential nuisances.

Bike Clothing: Helmets

When you buy a bike, you must buy a helmet. Whether you’re planning to ride on the road or ride off-road, you need a bike helmet for the sake of safety and peace of mind. A quality helmet will cost anywhere from $40 – $200+. You should have no issues finding one that fits your desired riding style as well as your budget. You’ll find a wide variety of helmets for sale in store and online at Sport Chalet.

Bike Clothing: Shorts

Bike shorts will quickly become your best friend. The padded saddle shorts are made for men and women, which increase the length and comfort of any riding session. All it takes to sell yourself on a pair of riding shorts is a session without them, followed by a session with them. Bike shorts range in cost, and come in various lengths, including full length pants. For those who aren’t into sporting spandex, other shorts can be tossed over the top of the riding shorts, or there are also shorts that have a padded inner lining. Additionally, there are brief style undergarments that can be worn under other shorts or pants.

Bike Clothing: Gloves

Bike gloves are another affordable accessory that will greatly aid in removing physical stress from the ride. They’re excellent for grip and padding, as well as absorbing sweat and offering an outer level of protection. There are many different styles of gloves to choose from: fingerless gloves, two finger gloves, full finger gloves and several different variations of palm padding and back of the hand protection available within the realm of bike gloves.

 Bike Clothing: Sunglasses

Most serious riders prefer some form of eye wear. There are several sunglasses options that are excellent for on and off-road bike riding adventures, as well as clear lens glasses that are great for trail riding and those off-road sessions that take you in and out of the bright sun and tree canopies casting shadows. After a few riding sessions, you’ll quickly understand why you want to ride with eye protection of some sort. Dust, debris, mud, automotive fumes, pebbles, road grit – you name it, you’ll experience it.

Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll look like a serious rider as long as you have the proper equipment. Stock up at Sport Chalet, then go for a ride.

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