Camping Checklist for Your Next Trip

It’s camping season and that means you need to stock up on supplies. Before heading out on your next camping trip, heed our advice and add these necessary items to your camping checklist. At Sport Chalet, we have what you need take your family on an enjoyable camping trip to remember. From tents, to backpacks, to coolers for the drinks, Sport Chalet’s outdoors department has you covered.

Camping Checklist Item #1: Tents

Tents are essential to any true camping trip. If you’re taking the whole family, you’ll need a big tent like the Coleman Instant Tent with Rainfly. This big top number sleeps eight and is made of durable, heavy-duty fabric. It also features special flooring that helps keep water out. And despite its impressive 14×18-feet size, it can be taken down and put up in less than a minute. If you’re looking for an even bigger tent, you might want to try the Slumberjack Grand Lodge, which has a room divider panel and sleeps 12.

Camping Checklist Item #2: Sleeping Bags

Be prepared for the outdoors and the cold weather at night with more than just a fire. To stay warm and cozy, you’ll need good sleeping bags. They come in all different sizes and temperatures. Some are designed to be lightweight and compact for hiking, while those intended for camping are slightly more luxuriant. One example is the Eureka! Wild Basin sleeping bag, which is warm and comfortable but also durable and affordably priced.

Camping Checklist Item #3: Lanterns

Everyone knows that the best part of camping is sitting around the campfire. But you will need additional sources of light so lanterns should be added to your camping checklist. Unless you’re a traditionalist, we recommend the Coleman Quad LED Lantern. It’s a big lighting unit that actually breaks into four smaller lighting units for individual use. Each panel has a handle, and contains six white LED lights behind a screen that provides dispersed area lighting.

Camping Checklist Item #4: Flashlights

It’s good to have a backup if your lantern goes out. Therefore, don’t leave for a camping adventure without a flashlight – or two. As far as flashlights go, you might want to look into the Coast Camp Light. It’s a slick-looking silver LED lighting unit can be used as a handheld flashlight and hung in the tent as an area light.

Camping Checklist Item #5: Coolers

Keep your food and drinks cool with high quality coolers. Depending on how many people will be going, you may need a 25 QT, 36 QT or even a larger 60 QT cooler. Igloo Coolers with wheels and handles can be a great choice, especially if you’ll need to move the cooler around.

Sport Chalet has a great selection of tents, sleeping bags, coolers, first aid items, insect repellent and everything else on your camping checklist to get the most out of the great outdoors.

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