Bloggers Know Best: Top Fitness Tips for 2014


2014 Fitness GoalsEach year we kick off January with new fitness resolutions. Sometimes we set out to live a healthier lifestyle, become a better athlete, or simply need to shake up a stale fitness routine. What ever you’re goal, you can bet that you share it with many others. So, why not reach out for support and advice? We’ve set out to do just that.

We’ve gathered a roundup of top fitness tips from the top fitness bloggers to help make 2014 THE year you reach all of those goals you’ve set for yourself. Good luck!

Get Out of a Resistance Training Rut

Are you still using the same weight or resistance you used six months ago? In order to improve strength and increase muscle growth you must gradually increase the weight or resistance used. This process will force the muscles to adapt and become larger and stronger. There are a number of ways to increase the intensity of resistance training. Cathe Friedrich of recommends:

  • Increase the amount of weight used to challenge yourself
  • Increase number of repetitions without changing the weight
  • Add more sets to your routine to tire muscles
  • Change the exercises you’re doing to work your muscles differently
  • Reduce the rest period between sets to increase cardiovascular endurance

Find and Maintain Your Motivation

Find a reason to get out of bed in the morning or head straight to the gym from the office. What is it that is pushing you to reach your goals? In order to stay on track and not miss a workout, you’ve got to find motivation that will push you to continue each and every day. Here are top fitness tips from Carla Birdberg of

  • Whether you’re a pen and paper planner or an app-user, make sure to plan your workout ahead of time. Get specific with the number sets, reps and rest periods, and the type of exercise.
  • More muscle means higher metabolism. Be motivated to lift heavy weights by the high metabolism that comes as a result.
  • Create short, yet effective workouts. You can always find twenty minutes of your day to workout, especially when the pay-off is lower stress and higher metabolism.
  • Fitness is empowering, it helps you feel strong and improves overall confidence.

Mix Up Your Routine

We all know that any workout routine can become stale over time. Fortunately, in the ever-changing fitness industry there is always another new, hot trend. Shake up what may have caused you to fall off of the bandwagon last year and try one of these workouts from Gina Harney of

  • Ballet Barre classes
  • Dance classes with live DJs or musicians
  • Functional exercises with minimal strength and equipment such as CrossFit
  • High-Intensity Interval Training and HIIT classes
  • Cardio/strength combo classes
  • “Playground” style gyms
  • Hot yoga and yoga/combo classes
  • Wearable fitness trackers
  • Group personal training sessions (or bootcamps)
  • Fitness programs for active older adults (low-impact strength and cardio options)

The Three Fitness No-Brainers

These three tips might seem so simple in theory, but most athletes have a hard time remembering to do them each day. No matter what your goals are, make a conscious effort to tackle these tips in order to live healthier overall. John Romaniello explains:

  • Drink more water for a healthier metabolism. When you’re dehydrated, your body tends to slow down which will cause you to feel sluggish and tired. Your workouts will not be as effective or intense.
  • Stand more often throughout the day. We know this tip can be difficult as most people sit at a desk in front of a computer for endless hours of the day. If you must sit for an extended period of time, try to stand every 30 minutes for about 1-2 minutes to wake up your hip muscles and get your blood flowing.
  • Hit the sack earlier. Yes, sleep is the cure-all for stress, exhaustion and heightened appetite. Make sure you’re logging enough sleep each night to charge through each day and live healthier overall.


Have a top fitness tip to share? Leave us a comment we want to hear about it!

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