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Ladies, we’re a week into the New Year—how are your fitness resolutions going? If you’re finding it difficult to get to the gym, don’t give up! Our fitness expert Aaron Dunn has rounded up some of his favorite at-home tools to get you results from the comfort of your own home.

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MONDAYS: Tone & Strengthen

Strength training is necessary to tone your muscles, and resistance tubes are the way to do it without bulky hand weights. “ZoN makes bands that come in two levels—medium and light resistance, have comfortable anti-sweat, high density foam handles and are perfect for all fitness and skill levels,” Aaron says. Plan to use them to work your arms, lats and upper back muscles.

TUESDAYS: Cardio & Endurance

Go for a run, a walk with the dog, a bike ride. Whatever your choice, get 45 minutes of physical activity in—bonus points for working up a sweat!

WEDNESDAY: Tone & Strengthen

According to Aaron, “the Gaiam SPRI Pilates Power Ring looks innocent enough, but a few minutes into the DVD that accompanies it, you’ll learn to respect and fear it as a powerful sculpting tool.” Hold it in your hands to elongate your muscles while doing core exercises, or clasp it between your knees to rid yourself of any thigh jiggle.

THURSDAY: Cardio & Endurance

Spend 45 minutes working up a sweat again. If you can, vary your activity from the one you did on Tuesday to keep your muscles guessing.

FRIDAY: Tone & Strengthen

Add a little pep to your step with a ZoN Aerobic Step Board. Perfect for a pulse-raising aerobic routine or as a prop to make a glute-targeting moves even more challenging, Aaron says “this step board’s non slip surface and durable base will be a welcome part of your new fitness routine.”

SATURDAY: Cardio & Endurance, weekend style

Get your exercise without having your exercise get in the way. Go for a long walk on the beach with your family, a hike with a close friend, or go snowboarding or skiing.

SUNDAY: Tone & Strenthen, weekend style

Hit the yoga mat to end your week of fitness on a mellow, but still highly effective note. We love the comfort and traction of this pink one from ZoN that comes with a carrying case. A few minutes of stretching will do your body good by building muscle strength and increasing your flexibility. Start with a sun salutation to stretch out your back and torso, and move into a flow of movements. If you’re a beginner, try Cat and Cow, Downward Facing Dog and Tree Pose. If your practice is more advanced, try the Warrior series, and once you’re warmed up, Pigeon.

Interested in fitness and workout gear? Leave a question in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to have expert Aaron Dunn answer it in our live Q&A later this week!

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