Are Road Bikes for Me?

Road biking has become the “in” thing to do in cities and urban centers across the country. Loft-dwellers, hipsters, and all manner of urban professionals have taken to two wheels to enjoy the freedom of their city. Road bikes have narrow tires and may have gears—either single speed or fixed-gear. Built to be ridden fast on pavement, these bikes have become more and more common everywhere in recent years. But choosing the right road bike comes down to personal preferences.

Different Types of Road Bikes

Road bikes are available in a variety of styles based on type and environment for riding. Some road bikes are specifically built for speed. Racing bikes have stiff frames and tend to be lightweight. There are a number of good, commercially sold models available that are based on racing bikes and can even be used for entry-level racing.

Other models are better for commuting, rallying, or just recreational cycling. Still other road bikes are better suited for endurance triathlon riding. But most commercially sold models are pretty versatile and can be used for different kinds of cycling over a variety of of paved terrain. Here are examples of a few different types of road bikes in different price ranges.

Diamondback Podium 3 Road Bike

The Diamondback Podium 3 is a well-balanced road bike based on a road racing design. It’s a great bike for entry-level racing and for club, commuting, and recreational rides. The Podium 3 has 10 speeds, dual control shifters, and a lightweight aluminum frame. It’s more expensive than some models but it definitely delivers in terms of performance and versatility.

Fuji Finest 1.0 Women’s Road Bike

The Fuji Finest 1.0 is a sporty woman’s road bike that’s ideal for fitness riding, rallies, and just plain recreational riding. It has 10 speeds, a durable lightweight frame, a mid-level price tag, and offers performance and great versatility.

Juliet Fixed Gear Road Bike – Pure Fix Cycles

The Juliet Fixed Gear Road Bike from Pure Fix Cycles is a road bike with an entry-level price. It has one fixed gear, a single speed, and a handbrake. While it may not be up to the level of the Podium 3 in terms of performance, the Juliet is a great bike for recreational riding, especially on level city streets and around town.

Ultimately, the road bike you choose should be one that’s suitable for the type of cycling you do and at a price you’re comfortable with.

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  2. I own the Diamondback Podium 3 is a great road bike and very good for entry bike. Riding it for more than thousand km and still great. I really enjoy it.

    • I love places with trakcs to ride your bikes. Wish we had more around here! I love being in Paris where there are designated paths for bikes which are just as important as the road areas for cars! Looking forward to reading some more, congrats on your new blog.

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