A Heart Rate Monitor That Keeps Up With You

Technology problems can be hard to avoid and running gadgets are no exception. Ideally, you want to keep track of your run with a heart rate monitor, but how do you know if it remains accurate? The best thing you can do for your run and your heart is to understand the different types of heart rate monitors and their end uses. With countless options to choose from offering a variety of monitoring features, it helps to know what you need for every type of workout.

Heart Rate Monitor Brands

Thanks to technology, the heart rate monitor can sit comfortably on your wrist and take an accurate rate with just a simple push of a button. MIO was the very first brand to bring this technology to the marketplace. Prior to this, a heart rate monitor was only feasible with a strap placed around your chest. Today, MIO’s line offers petite and full-size monitors that gauge your heart rate, provide number of calories burned, and track your speed and distance. The size you select should coordinate with your favorite workouts. For example, a larger monitor with a bigger screen may be easier to see while running during a beautiful, sunny day.

Other brands such as Polar have perfected fitness monitoring with pods placed in running shoes that transmit data to the small, yet sophisticated watch. The Polar FT1 Polar Heart Rate Monitor relays your heart rate in conjunction with current training guidelines and performance. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, you can still expect accurate rates to come from their lower end models with smaller price tags.

Untrue Heart Rate Monitors

A word to the wise – not all “watches” in the heart monitor category actually provide heart rate readings. The cute and practical Reebok inShape Fitness Watch is often combined with heart rate monitors, but it only displays the calories burned and distance moved. Pedometers and stopwatches are also limited to specific information, so be sure you are choosing a mobile device that meets all your workout needs.

Many of the top of the line heart monitors can connect to computers via software so you can keep the technology up to date. With a few simple clicks, you can maintain your heart rate monitor and prove it was an investment worth making. All you need is the proper amount of exercise and the right tools to reach your ideal heart rate at every workout or running session.

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