A Guide To Your Foot Type And Ideal Running Shoes

In all honestly, many runners often have a love/hate relationship with their feet. While they appreciate the support and determination during each and every stride, they are often disappointed with their foot type and associated pain. Running shoes are the bridge between the love/hate relationship that can change your outlook. Learn how to stay on the positive side of the spectrum by selecting running shoes that properly support your foot and arch.

Foot Type by Arch

All runners fall into one of three different arch categories: high arch, medium arch, and low arch (a.k.a. flat foot). Some suggest that you can determine your arch by simply looking at the foot or reviewing the footprint. A very narrow footprint is a sign of a high arch whereas a larger footprint can indicate a low arch. Once you have determined your arch, you can move on to the best shoes for your foot type.

Obviously, you have purchased shoes in the past without much regard to your arch, but it is time to give your feed the attention they deserve. Why all this attention to your arch you ask? Well, your arch and foot type are closely related to your running style and the type of running shoes you should select. As your heel hits the ground during every stride, it rotates to compensate for your arch and then rotates again to help you push off for the next step. Determining your typical stride based off your arch category will help you find the right shoe.

What Type of Runner are You?

So, grab an old pair of running shoes and let’s figure out what type of runner you are. If you are what is considered a neutral runner, then you should find even wear on the ball and heel of your shoe. A neutral runner tends to keep the foot in a standard upright position, avoiding any type of roll. Overpronation (or roll inside) will create additional wear on the inner rim of the shoe. On the other hand, if you are an underpronator, expect to find the same wear on the outside of the bottom cushion. The type of shoe you choose can help your foot compensate if you regularly roll inside or outside.

Use this knowledge when shopping online or in one of our Sport Chalet locations. You can easily search for the best running shoes that will provide support regardless of your foot type and stride style.

Also, use our online Running Shoe Finder to get help finding the right shoe.

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