A Bike Lock of Every Variety

A bike lock serves as a deterrent for any petty thief looking for an easy target. The fact remains that some thieves are good enough at what they do that no lock will prevent them from taking what they want. These instances are rare, and quite frankly, these thieves don’t generally target bicycles. However, if you are going to buy a high quality bicycle that comes at considerable expense, you’ll want to invest in the best bike lock money can buy. Insurance, locks with anti-theft warranties and safe indoor storage facilities are all options.

Ultimately, a quality bike lock will protect your bike from being taken from a public setting, whether at school, work or in a local park.

Bike Chain Lock

There are pros and cons to the different types of bike locks. For example, some chain locks can be long enough to weave through the rims, over the down-tube and to a bike rack, parking post or even a small tree. Most portable chain locks are only long enough to secure a wheel or frame to a rack or post. These are great options when parking a bike at home, or can be transported via backpack, or wrapped around the seat post or top tube. You’ll find multiple options available at Sport Chalet.

Bike Cable Lock

A cable lock is another great option. Like a chain, a cable lock can be run through the rims and a bike frame, enabling more security when leaving a bike in a heavily trafficked or public area. Cable locks come in variable lengths and thicknesses. These locks are also easily transported in a bag, or can be wrapped around the frame, seat post or handlebars for easy transport. Many cable locks available at Sport Chalet will come with an included lock, or as a cable that can be attached to a traditional padlock.

Bike U-Lock

U-Lock technology was developed to help protect more than the bike frame from being stolen. Sadly, thieves in the know understand that different bike parts, namely wheel sets, can be profitable resale items. U-Locks allow for easier protection of front wheels that are most likely secured on a bike via a quick-release axle skewer. They are best used in combination with another U-Lock or a cable or chain lock on the frame. Sport Chalet carries several U-Lock options, as well as lock sets that include a U-Lock and a double looped cable lock.

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