6 Holiday Running Tips from Chic Runner

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By: Danica Newon

Running during the holidays can be difficult. There is so much going on between work parties, family events, and the cooler temps can even hinder many! Make sure you prepare ahead of time to so that you will be able to get your run in. Whether it is in the morning or evening making it a priority will allow you some time to yourself to not only stick to your training plan, but to also keep you in shape throughout the holidays.

Plan and prioritize

Making your run a priority can include preparing for your run. Make sure you take out your clothes the night before and take them with you to work if you need to. Don’t forget your fuel for your run too. Whether it is gels, special hydration or even a few extra cookies to prepare you for your run, make sure that you will have enough energy to get your run done! With so much on your calendar, taking time to have the proper nutrition will help give you energy when running and will also provide the proper recovery after a run.


In terms of fueling for exercise and running during the holidays it’s very important to remember to stick with what you normally eat during training. If you are constantly overeating, running can be more difficult with a full stomach. Keep in mind that everything is okay, in moderation. Don’t overeat the night before your long run, even if it is the holiday party, or you might deal with stomach issues throughout your entire long run, making it miserable.


Even with the temperature dropping, it’s very important to continue hydration. Though you might not be as thirsty as when the weather is warmer, it’s imperative to drink to make sure that your body is getting enough liquids. It’s easy for me to think that I won’t need water during my run since it’s cooler out, but that is not true! Make sure to drink just as much water as you would during the warmer months of training.


When scheduling your long runs throughout this busy season, make sure to know what events you have going on. This way you won’t overlap an important long run the night after your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. If you overdo it on the eggnog, getting up for that morning run might not happen, and that defeated feeling or pushing it off just isn’t worth it. If your schedule allows you to change up some of the dates to fit in a long run during the week, do it! Just make sure to not overextend yourself, because running should always be enjoyable not another thing to check off the list.


After a run, it’s important to always take care of your muscles and give them time to recover. Make sure to stretch, hydrate and ice if necessary. Also, if the temperatures are cooler, take some time before hopping in a very hot shower to get your body temperature back to normal. If you are feeling tight, try compression wear. It helps with blood circulation to get your body feeling back to normal. Of course a proper cool down jog and stretching are imperative too.


It’s not every day that you are surrounded by the holiday glow of Christmas lights while running and you can have hot cocoa when you get home. Take time to look around you while running, and make your miles count. There is so much going on during this busy season it’s important that you don’t fall off your training plan. Not training for anything? Take time to clear your mind, plan some alone time for yourself this holiday season. Enjoy your run.

Guest Contributor

Danica is a runner from Southern California and she blogs about running, cooking and crafting at www.chicrunner.com. You can find her on Twitter at @chicrunner.



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