5 Steps to a Happy Dive


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For many of us diving is a part of our lives that also needs to fit around other commitments. Often, we fit our diving in on weekends or during our holidays. So it is important to get the most out of every dive. To do this it is essential to be prepared – it goes a long way to eliminating frustrations that might spoil your limited dive time.

Here are five quick tips to start.

1. Purchase a Dive Computer – Having your own dive computer should be essential for every diver and is a fantastic time saver and dive planning tool. Read more about dive computers.

2. Check your Paperwork – It may sound boring, but making sure you have the correct documents, especially when travelling will make things a lot easier once you arrive at a dive center. Passport current? Do you have your certification card? Medical statement? Checking these with enough time to order replacements will make it a lot easier. Follow this link to replace lost PADI cards.

3. Do a weight check -  Different locations and different equipment can change your ideal weighting. So when diving somewhere new or with different equipment then normal, it makes a lot of sense just to take a moment before your 1st dive to do a weight check. Having the correct weighting will stop you wasting energy and air.

4. Don’t exceed your limits – Be this equipment or training. The underwater world provides many amazing and wonderful experiences and having the right training and equipment for the conditions will make each dive more enjoyable. Be this learning a new skill or simply wearing the right exposure protection for the water temp.

5. Relax & have fun –  That’s right, diving is fun! Enjoy it! But seriously, a relaxed diver is also one that uses less air and using less air means not having to cut your planned dive short. You’ll also be less tired and have more time to enjoy yourself and maybe spot that 1st seahorse or frog fish that until now, you’d not have time to.

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