10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Runners in Your Life


By: Kate Buntenbach

We are in the midst of the holiday season and headed into the final stretch of holiday shopping. Time is running out, but I am here to get you to the finish line! If you have a friend, significant other, or co-worker that loves to run, the possibilities for gifts are endless!

I have compiled a list of 10 great holiday gift ideas for the runners in your life. Whether your runner is a weekend warrior or an ultra-marathoner, these gifts are sure to excite them.

1. CamelBak Quick Grip Water Bottle, $14.95

This handheld water bottle is insulated to keep water cool while fitting perfectly into the runner’s hand. It is great for long training runs but versatile enough to take to the gym.

2. Nathan Reflective Belt, $18.69

Give the gift of convenience and safety with a Nathan reflective belt. This handy belt is not only reflective; it has a waterproof pocket for a phone, keys, and ID.

3. Injinji Toe Socks, $12

Injinji socks are all the rage in the running world at the moment. These socks contour to the foot and toes allowing for maximum balance and grip. Made with antifriction fibers, they prevent blisters and chafing, a runner’s worst enemy. Give the gift of happy feet this season.

4. Sneaker Balls, $4.99

Sneaker Balls make a great stocking stuffer! These air fresheners can be thrown into any pair of stinky sneakers after a run. They are truly a breath of fresh air.

SoyBu Women’s Headband, $9.99

This stylish headband keeps those bangs and loose hairs out of the runner’s face as she runs around town. It is perfect for the fashionista runner and can be worn anywhere.

6. Nike Zip Tops, $60

Available in men’s and women’s styles, these zip tops are fashionable and functional. This time of year, keeping warm is critical, so why not look good while doing so?

7. Trigger Point Foam Roller, $39.99

A foam roller is a must-have tool for any runner, and Trigger Point offers the most revolutionary version on the market. The foam roller is used for massaging and releasing tight muscles before and after a run to prevent or combat injury.

8. Timex GPS Watch, $99

It’s all about the numbers! The Timex GPS watch provides the runner with an array of data on the go, from pace, speed and distance to calories burned. This fast and accurate watch is practical and stylish all at once.

9. North Face Runner’s Glove, $40

Baby, it’s cold outside! Give the gift of warmth with these soft, sleek gloves. They come equipped with Climate-Block technology, a small pocket for a key and extra room around the wrist for the runner’s GPS watch.

10. Petzl Headlamp, $41.20

Runners tend to log some dark, evening miles this time of year. This wide beam headlamp allows the runner to see exactly what they’re running into. With a variety of options and easy to use features, this headlamp is sure to show you’re runner that you care about their safety.

Guest Contributor

Kate is a marathon runner and blogger living in southern California. She is currently training for the 2013 Boston Marathon and logging many miles on the sandy beaches and trails of San Diego. Kate is the author of So Cal Runner Gal and a Brooks Inspire Daily athlete. Follow her running adventures at www.socalrunnergal.com and connect with her on Twitter @SoCalRunnerGal.



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